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Open Source: The Open Core Conundrum

By Dick Weisinger

Open Source software is publicly accessible and can be downloaded, modified, and reused. It is developed in a decentralized way with peer collaboration and review. Open Core is a business model where a company drives creates an open-source software project

Moore’s Law: Are the Current Alternatives Enough?

By Dick Weisinger

Semiconductor chips are continually shrinking and performing faster, something predicted by More’s Law. Taiwanese chip maker TSMC has announced plans to manufacture a 1-nanometer size chip in 2027. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult technically and from a cost perspective

Hardware/Software CoDesign: Application-Specific Optimized Architecture

By Dick Weisinger

Hardware/Software co-design is an approach to computing that tries to take into account both hardware and software design to create a system which can optimally perform computations for a specific task. Most computers today are general purpose and can be

True Randomness: Generating Random Numbers Based on Electron Motion

By Dick Weisinger

Random numbers are often used in simulations, data encryption, unbiased selection of things, like patients in a drug trial, and in many other applications. Because most of these applications are automated with the use of a computer, the ability for

Security: Privacy with Data Anonymity

By Dick Weisinger

Data anonymity is is the collection of data and the subsquent removal from the data set of any personally identifiable information. Data anonymity would allow data sets to be publically published without exposing any personal information from the people whom