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AI Projects: For Best Results, Align AI Strategy with Business Goals

By Dick Weisinger

While billions have been invested in AI projects, often sometimes with stunning results, the truth is that AI projects have a high rate of failure. Gartner found that only about half of companies that invested AI are ever able to

Analytics: Half of Executives Disappointed in the Results

By Dick Weisinger

Half of companies using advanced analytics solutions are disappointed with their results, according to a survey by Gartner. More than 50 percent of senior level executives are disappointed, midlevel managers less so. Lizzy Foo Kune, analyst at Gartner, said that

AI Chip Market: Intense Global Competition

By Dick Weisinger

A strong demand for artificial intelligence chips is being driven by the increased use of deep learning and neural network applications. The AI chip market has been explosive with more than 80 global startups in the space funded by $10.5

Cybersecurity and Nanotechnology: Security Enabled by Miniaturization

By Dick Weisinger

Mention nanotechnology and people think of scientists designing materials, layering one by one to create materials with super properties, like ultra-strength and flexibility. But one benefit of the technology that’s not often mentioned is how nanotechnology can improve cybersecurity. Nanotechnology

Artificial Intelligence: The Ultimate Source of Knowledge and Power?

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to vastly improve the quality of life, but there are also potential risks. Chief among the risks are biases built into algorithms and the chance that those algorithms will further skew inequalities in society or