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Operational Intelligence: Decision Making on Steroids

By Dick Weisinger

Operational intelligence (OI) is the process of decision making based on analysis of real-time data. OI applications combine business intelligence, data analytics, and AI techniques like machine learning into an interface, typically used by front-line workers, to help them make

Data Centers: The Noise Pollution Problem

By Dick Weisinger

Data centers are highly efficient. Consolidation of computing resources into centralized locations typically comes with overall cost savings due to the economies of scale. Data centers offer improved energy efficiencies, better security, redundancy, and increased productivity. Data centers also consume

Data Management: Data-Centric Computing with Computational Storage

By Dick Weisinger

“Data! Data! Data! I cannot make bricks without clay,” cries Sherlock Holmes in a line from the movie. His sentiment surely rings true for many a data manager. The growth of data volumes and the increasing need to be able

E-Waste: World’s Manufacturing and Consumption Cycle of Electronics is Unsustainable

By Dick Weisinger

Electronic and Digital waste are incredibly important but seldom discussed back-of-mind issues. They are the side effects of a world obsessed with electronic gadgets and virtual lives. Aaron Blum, the CEO of ERI, told Time magazine that “in our society,

Artificial Intelligence: Thinking Slow and Fast

By Dick Weisinger

The human brain is fascinating, but it is also something that is not well understood and is an intense topic of study by both medical, social science, and computer science researchers. Social scientists have identified two types of thinking that