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Digital Transformation: Data and Analytics are Essential Elements

By Dick Weisinger

Data and analytics are becoming key components of business success. Gartner forecasts that over the next two years 90 percent of business strategies will include both data and analytics as essential components. Rahul Singh, managing director of IT at Pace

User Tracking: Deprecation of Third-Party Cookies Spur Development of Next-Generation Trackers

By Dick Weisinger

How many times have you agreed to the use of cookies on web sites in order to get access to them? Most likely, more times than you can remember. That will likely change within the next year. Beginning in 2022,

Formtek Announces Engineering Data Management (EDM) Plugin for Alfresco ACA/ADW Content Application

By Dick Weisinger

The new Formtek plugin provides support for the Alfresco Development Framework (ADF)-based Alfresco Content Application (ACA) 2.2 and Alfresco Digital Workspace (ADW) 2.0 The Formtek Engineering Data Management (EDM) Module provides a set of server-based extensions to the Alfresco Content

Apache Arrow: Solving AI-Hardware Impedance Mismatch

By Dick Weisinger

Object oriented databases were devised as a solution to a problem frequently called ‘impedance mismatch’. The problem was that there is a huge overhead of constantly reformatting object data to move back and forth from object-based programming languages like Java

US Infrastructure: Neglected for Too Long

By Dick Weisinger

US infrastructure has been badly neglected for some time now. Earlier this year the American Society for Civil Engineers put out their report card for overall US infrastructure and also a state-by-state ranking. They gave the US a C- score.