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Observability versus Monitoring in IT Operations

By Dick Weisinger

The terms Observability and Monitoring are frequently used when discussing IT Operations. Observability is the process of checking outputs from a system to infer what is happening internal to the system. This is often done by reviewing infrastructure logs, traces

Artificial Intelligence: When Bots Take Journalist Jobs

By Dick Weisinger

In June, Microsoft laid off large numbers of journalist and editorial staff from their news organizations. More than 50 jobs were part of the cuts. The replacement to these workers will be intelligent bots that powered by artificial intelligence. The

Supply Chain: Applying Technology to Gain Resilience

By Dick Weisinger

The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to reexamine their supply chains. Businesses now want to make supply chains more resilient, more efficient, and better performing. To do that, businesses are looking to advanced technologies to improve their supply chain.

Data Catalogs: Tracking Data Assets in the Organization

By Dick Weisinger

Your business may be collecting data, but when you need to find something, how do you do it? That’s where the idea of a ‘data catalog’ comes in. A data catalog is a central inventory of all company data that

Data Science: Four Trends in 2020

By Dick Weisinger

Data Science is a combination of techniques, methods and algorithms for data collection, processing, analyzing, and predicting. It is directly related to artificial intelligence, data mining, and big data. Four trends we are seeing this year in Data Science include: