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Low Code Development: Focus on Business Logic Rather Than Software Internals

By Dick Weisinger

No-Code and Low-Code software tools are enabling businesses to accelerate their development and deployment of software. The tools are usable by analysts and other non-developers to build apps without the overhead of communicating requirements to developer teams. The focus of

Legacy Software: Two-Thirds of SMBs Continue to Use Unsupported Software

By Dick Weisinger

The cycle of software change is rapid and many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are being left behind. Businesses using older software are often at risk of cyber hacking. As software ages, becomes outdated and unsupported, businesses are at

Alternative Energies: The Timeline is Compressing

By Dick Weisinger

Digitization. Decarbonization. Decentralization. These three forces are speeding disruption in the energy industry, according to EY. So much so that earlier estimates for when alternative energies would be viable are being blown past. EY says that they’ve brought their estimate

Security: Big Data and Machine Learning Poised to Disrupt Legacy SEIM Market

By Dick Weisinger

SEIM — Security Information and Event Management — is software that helps businesses identify details behind cyber security threats. SEIM provides real-time data about network activity. It examines log and event data generated by servers, applications and security devices. Possible

Microservices: Provides Benefits of Resiliency and Incremental Upgradability

By Dick Weisinger

Globally, the microservices market is estimated to grow 24 percent over the next five years by Report Consultant. Microservices is the building of applications and larger services from many loosely coupled services that serve as data and computing resources for