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First-Party Data: Marketers Architect More Personalized Campaigns

By Dick Weisinger

Marketers determine how to sell and advertise products based on data. Marketing data is often classified based on the way that it was collected. First-Party Data is collected through direct interaction with a user, such as tracking visits to a

Technology: Remote Work Goes Mainstream

By Dick Weisinger

Covid forced companies to shift many or all of their employees into remote work-from-home positions. Even as Covid wanes, the landscape of work has changed dramatically over just a few years. The results of some of the changes include: 16

Observability: Taking Monitoring to the Next Level

By Dick Weisinger

As businesses automate processes by using software tools like RPA and by deploying robotics in the workplace, they need a way for assessing the success of their automation efforts. ‘Observability’ describes the measurements and analysis that can help one better

SaaS: Moving to the Cloud Means No Customizations

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprises that have used highly cutomized applications from vendors like SAP and Oracle often have difficult transitions when moving their data to the cloud. A Gartner Research paper warns, for example, as reported by the Register, that “enterprises transitioning to

Reshoring Manufacturing: Making Supply Chains More Resilient

By Dick Weisinger

Can manufacturing in the US ever make a resurgence? US competency in the area of manufacturing has declined significantly over the past decades. Scott Davis, CEO of Melius Research, wrote in the Wall Street Journal that “U.S. manufacturing lost its