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The Complementary Relationship of Data Governance and Management

By Dick Weisinger

Data governance and data management, often intertwined and confused, are foundational to the effective use of data in decision-making. Data governance lays down the policies and procedures, while data management enacts these to use data effectively. They form the backbone

The Rising Tide of Data Breaches: A Look at 2023 and 2024

By Dick Weisinger

In the digital age, data breaches have become an unfortunate reality. Despite efforts to bolster cybersecurity, data breaches surged by 20% from 2022 to 2023. This unsettling trend continued into 2024, with no signs of slowing down. Three primary factors contributed to

Data: The Unsung Hero in the Fight Against Climate Change

By Dick Weisinger

In the face of climate change, a silent revolution is taking place. Data, often overlooked, is emerging as a powerful weapon in this battle. From identifying harmful emissions to pinpointing pressure points along the supply chain, data is helping us

Harnessing the Power of Data Integration and Automation

By Dick Weisinger

In technology, two forces are revolutionizing how businesses operate: Data Integration and Automation. These dynamic forces are not just changing the game; they’re reshaping the entire playing field. Data Integration, the first of these, is a process that consolidates data

Enterprise Content Management Trends for 2024

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is important for businesses. They are used for capturing, managing, storing, and delivering content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM systems help businesses improve efficiency, collaboration, compliance, and customer service. As technology evolves, so do