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RPA: Automation Spending to Increase 4x by 2022

By Dick Weisinger

Business spending on robotic process automatino (RPA) is expected to grow and ultimately reach $2.4 by 2022, an increase from the $680 million that businesses spent in 2018, according to Gartner Research. RPA is enabling businesses to become more efficient

Headless and Decoupled CMS: The Focus is on the API

By Dick Weisinger

Headless Content Management Systems (CMS) are backend content repositories that can be accessed via an API but which aren’t directly tied to the user interface of an application. Headless CMS doesn’t come packaged with a front-end application; they are front-end

Blockchain: Tech Companies See Big Promise

By Dick Weisinger

Nearly half of tech company executives say that Blockchain is poised to have a dramatic effect on their business within the next three years, according to KPGM. KPGM isn’t the only one following Blockchain. Blockchain has been the topic of

Security: Encryption is not without Pitfalls

By Dick Weisinger

$145 million of the cryptocurrencies managed by the exchange Quadriga were lost earlier this year on the death of Gerald Cotten. Cotten, who was the founder of Quadriga, was the only person with the crypto keys to gain access to

IPA: Adding Intelligence to Process Automation

By Dick Weisinger

There’s the buzzword “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA), software that is programmed to handle high-volume highly-repeatable tasks normally performed by humans. A couple examples include data entry via OCR page recognition, or the manual match-up, pairing and copying of data between