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Blockchain: Tech Companies See Big Promise

By Dick Weisinger

Nearly half of tech company executives say that Blockchain is poised to have a dramatic effect on their business within the next three years, according to KPGM. KPGM isn’t the only one following Blockchain. Blockchain has been the topic of

Security: Encryption is not without Pitfalls

By Dick Weisinger

$145 million of the cryptocurrencies managed by the exchange Quadriga were lost earlier this year on the death of Gerald Cotten. Cotten, who was the founder of Quadriga, was the only person with the crypto keys to gain access to

IPA: Adding Intelligence to Process Automation

By Dick Weisinger

There’s the buzzword “Robotic Process Automation” (RPA), software that is programmed to handle high-volume highly-repeatable tasks normally performed by humans. A couple examples include data entry via OCR page recognition, or the manual match-up, pairing and copying of data between

Security: Venture Capital Flows to Security Startups in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

Where are venture capitalists investing their dollars in 2019? With the avalanche of breaches and security issues in 2018, security is now a hot area for startup investments. Thomas Weithman, managing director of CIT GAP Funds, said that “we expect

Off-Premise Computing: State of Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Google’s Eric Schmidt first introduced the term “Cloud Computing” in 2006. Now, thirteen years later, the term is ubiquitous. What next for the cloud? Flexera recently created a survey of the state of cloud computing. The 786 businesses that responded