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Augmented Workers: When Humans and Technology Collaborate

By Dick Weisinger

Automation. Robots. Algorithms. Technology is changing the workplace and how workers do their jobs. The fact that work changes isn’t new, but the pace that technology is changing work has picked up dramatically. Where the workplace change will take us

Photonic Computing: Leapfrogging Electronics to Propel the Next Generation of AI

By Dick Weisinger

Is it too good to be true? Startup Boston startup Lightmatter is developing a specialized photonic chip for processing AI algorithms. The company unveiled their Mars SoC chip in August. The Mars SoC chip is based around an optical tensor

Data Pipelines: Strong Data Skills Translate to High Business Value

By Dick Weisinger

Headlines tell us that Data is the ‘new oil’. Those businesses that have collected and analyzed data will be much more competitive than those that don’t. But how do we know? Data collected by IDC confirms the premise. IDC identified

Behavioral Data: Observing What People Do, rather than What they Say

By Dick Weisinger

Behavioral data is information that is collected from users that interact with applications on devices like PC, tablet or smartphone. The data can include which pages and sites a user visits, which links are clicked on , email signups, length

Photonic Processors: The Next Phase for Moore’s Law

By Dick Weisinger

Chip designers are beginning to consider the possibility of designing computers based on photons instead of electrons. In 2018, scientists from three US universities designed a chip that uses photonic input and output transmission. The chip itself continues to use