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Digital Transformation: Investment Focus Shifts from Foundational to Emerging

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Transformation is accelerating across 80 percent of companies, according to a report by Dell Technologies. The biggest areas of investment include: cybersecurity, data management, 5G, privacy, and multi-cloud environment. Those investments show that businesses have shifted after the start

Digital Transformation: More than Brand Alignment and a Pretty Website

By Dick Weisinger

94 percent of senior business leaders at businesses with $15 million to $200 million say that a top priority for them is Digital Transformation, according to a report by CompleteSpectrum. The problem is though that when the individual leaders surveyed

Digital Transformation: Accelerated by COVID-19

By Dick Weisinger

One of the few benefits derived over the past year from the COVID-19 pandemic has been an acceleration by businesses towards digital. Businesses sped up adoption of digital transformation technologies by an average of six years, according to research by

Digital Librarians: An Essential Worker as the Enterprise Digital Footprint Grows

By Dick Weisinger

As enterprises increasingly digitize their operations, the amount of digital data and assets owned is growing rapidly. Beyond navigating content stored in databases and content repositories, data assets that need to be managed include software code repositories, microservices, APIs, toolchains,

DX: Despite being an Imperative, Few Do it Right

By Dick Weisinger

GE, Ford and P&G all failed. After the three companies spent a total of more than $1.3 trillion dollars, they have all declared their digital transformation projects failures. 70 percent of large-scale digital transformation projects fail, according to research by