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Cloud Computing: Pandemic Accelerating Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

Millions of students and employees have been sent home to work. The connection between these at-home workers and their organizations is increasingly being facilitated by the cloud. Andres Rodriguez, CTO and co-founder of Nasuni, said that “I don’t think any

Digital Transformation: Businesses that Focus on Culture are most Successful

By Dick Weisinger

80 percent of businesses say that they’re in the midst of digital transformation projects, but only 14 percent say that they’re seeing the benefits of the change, and only three percent say that they’ve had complete success, according to a

Digital Transformation: Turning Caterpillars into Butterflys

By Dick Weisinger

A new decade. A new start. If your business isn’t already on a path towards achieving Digital Transformation, now is the time. Nigel Fenwick, analyst at Forrester Research, called Digital Transformation ‘Passé’. Everyone is claiming that they’re doing it or

Digital Transformation: Poised to Account for Half of IT Spending

By Dick Weisinger

By 2023 technology investments in Digital Transformation are expected to capture more than half of all IT spending, according to IDC. Globally that will amount to $2.3 trillion. Craig Simpson, IDC Research Manager, said that “this will be the first

Digital Transformation: Effective Communication is the Key to Success

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are spending $2 trillion annually on digital transformation projects, according to IDC. Mark Raskino, distinguished VP analyst at Gartner, said that “in three to five years, every industry will be digitally remastered. Remember in the past IT was a