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Artificial Intelligence: Improving Clinical Diagnoses and Patient Outcomes

By Dick Weisinger

It is unfortunate, but medical diagnostic errors are actually quite common. As many as 12 to 18 million medical diagnostic errors occur every year in the US. That’s about 5 percent of all clinal diagnostic tests. This is a contributor

Artificial Intelligence: AI as Master Hacker

By Dick Weisinger

Increasingly we find that Artificial Intelligence can improve our lives through automation, smart decision making, solving complex problems, and providing unexpected insights. That’s the potential good that AI can do, but the flip side is that AI can be used

AI Sentience: A Need to Raise the Turing-Test Bar

By Dick Weisinger

Sentience is the ability to experience feelings and sensations. The question of whether artificial intelligence can ever achieve sentience came up in the news this past week. Headline news stories tell how Google fired an engineer who believed that an

AI and BioMedicine: Revolutionary – If it Can Achieve Greater Transparency

By Dick Weisinger

AI is increasingly being applied to biomedicine and healthcare. It is being used for less-invasive early detection and diagnosis of disease, the development of long-term disease management, and as a tool to speed up the research and discovery of new

Artificial Intelligence: DeepMind and Protein Folding

By Dick Weisinger

Understanding the proteins in living organisms is vital for developing drugs/medicines and understanding how organisms function. Every protein is made from a chain of amino acids. Scientists have been able to determine the amino acids in a protein but to