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Artificial Intelligence: Wrangling AI to Achieve Positive ROI

By Dick Weisinger

AI is in. Just about every company says that they see value in the technology — 90 percent according to a survey by MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group. Companies have jumped in to apply AI to their

Artificial Intelligence: Biggest Tech Companies Monopolize AI with Brains and Bucks

By Dick Weisinger

AI could be the factor that shifts competitive landscape across a number of industries. A KPGM report found that “AI will play a role in creating new winners and losers. A key question now is who will move up the

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI): Letting Humans Have the Final Say

By Dick Weisinger

The accuracy of many of today’s AI algorithms have been uncannily good. But not always, and that’s the problem. It’s hard to put trust in something that isn’t understood and often can’t be identically reproduced. Mission-critical applications aren’t able to

Artificial Intelligence: Workers Prefer Robots over Humans

By Dick Weisinger

The results are in. A survey of managers found that they’d rather have robots working for them than people. And on the flip side, a parallel report found that workers would rather have robots for managers rather than a person.

Patents: Can Inventions by AI be Patented?

By Dick Weisinger

Can patents be issued for technology or algorithms derived by artificial intelligence? That’s a problem that lawyers and researchers are now grappling with. Law firm Baker McKenzie predicts that “patentability of AI-created inventions, liability for infringement by AI, and patent