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AI Chips: Special-Purpose Chips Accelerate New Algorithms

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence is being used everywhere, but so far the technology has been built on general purpose CPU and GPU computing chips. The next generation of AI will be based on special-purpose, much more efficient computer chips for AI. Today’s

Artificial Intelligence: Open Source and Open Data Team Up

By Dick Weisinger

Late last year, two AI groups jointed forces to create an open source clearinghouse for projects related to AI, Machine Learning (ML), data, and analysis. LF AI Foundation and Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi), previously separate Linux Foundation projects, merged

Artificial Intelligence: Designing Accurate Benchmarks

By Dick Weisinger

As both startups and more established chip makers design and build computer chips that target the acceleration of the processing of AI algorithms, benchmarking becomes very important as a way to compare the capabilities of the different chips. Until recently

Artificial Intelligence: AI as Artist

By Dick Weisinger

An AI-sibling of OpenAI’s GPT-3 project was released in January. What GPT-3 did for natural language processing, the new project, DALLĀ·E, does for images. Given a short prompt, GPT-3 is able to generate natural language or even programming code. It

AI Projects: For Best Results, Align AI Strategy with Business Goals

By Dick Weisinger

While billions have been invested in AI projects, often sometimes with stunning results, the truth is that AI projects have a high rate of failure. Gartner found that only about half of companies that invested AI are ever able to