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A Canonical AI Stack: Helping Small Organizations Leap Frog Their Way into AI

By Dick Weisinger

How can small tech companies compete against big tech ones? Small companies don’t have the infrastructure, all around talent, troves of data, and the resources that big ones do. To help the smaller companies, an alliance of smaller companies have

Multi-Modal AI: Algorithms That Use Audio, Visual and Tactile Data

By Dick Weisinger

Computers are mastering how to interpret images and audio. Increasingly AI models are incorporating not just a single sensory set of data, like for vision, sound, and touch, but as an aggregate of information from multiple sources, something being called

AI and the Environment: Weighing the Benefits with the Challenges

By Dick Weisinger

While Artificial Intelligence may hold the key to solving many environmental problems, the flip side is that AI consumes huge amount of computer processing power and leaves a large carbon footprint. Today’s AI models require training on large volumes of

Deep Fakes: Detection Likely to be an Elusive Goal

By Dick Weisinger

Technology is making it increasingly easy to spoof the world around us. Fake videos of well-known people like Tom Cruise, Vladimir Putin and Nancy Pelosi circulate widely. In some cases it’s clear the video is fake and the intent is

Worker Productivity: Introduction of New Technologies to Spur Breakout Growth

By Dick Weisinger

It may not seem like it when headlines span problems of chip shortages, delayed car production, no end in sight to remote work, and massive resignations, but the US is in the middle of a productivity surge. US annual productivity