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Edge Computing: The Impact Poised to Rival that of the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Computing cycles continue to migrate away from on-premise systems. Instead, computing is being moved to either centralized cloud systems or decentralized systems on the edge. Over the last decade the trend has been to move applications to the cloud. The

Artificial Intelligence: The Hidden Carbon Emission Costs

By Dick Weisinger

The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are impressive, but the achievements have often come with massive amounts of computer cycle processing. The intensive processing can use a lot of power and generate huge amounts of carbon emissions. Training

Natural Language Processing: Enterprises Tap AI to Improve Internal and External Communication

By Dick Weisinger

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to process, understand and generate human text and speech. NLP technology is being used with chatbots, smart machines, and language translation applications. Walt Kristick, senior vice president at apexanalytix,

Artificial Intelligence: Using Affordances can make AI Smarter

By Dick Weisinger

A concept from psychology called affordances is being used to improve the capability of AI algorithms. Affordances are simply object properties that list types of actions that can be taken on an object by some some agent that is capabile

Augmented Analytics: Turning CXOs into Citizen Data Scientists

By Dick Weisinger

User interfaces for Data analytics and Business Intelligence tools are being revamped. They’re becoming more conversational and easier to use. This new generation of business decision-making software is called augmented analytics and incorporates AI and natural language to create a