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Logistics AI: Improving Demand Forecasting and Optimizing Processes and Shipping Routes

By Dick Weisinger

Like many other industries, logistics and supply chain practitioners are beginning to use artificial intelligence to try to minimize errors and to optimize processes and shipping routes. What are some of the ways that AI can improve logistics? Improve demand

Artificial Intelligence: Speeding the Discovery of New Materials

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence is being applied to a variety of fields, sometimes with amazing results. For example, scientists have begun to use AI in the area of materials science in order to help discover new materials. Researchers at Sandia estimate that

Artificial Intelligence: COVID is like NLP

By Dick Weisinger

GPT-3 is the super Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm from OpenAI that was trained on nearly all text (hundreds of billions of words) from the internet. Given some prompts, it is able to generate essays and text that are amazingly

Artificial Intelligence: Google’s Trillion-Parameter Predictive Language Model

By Dick Weisinger

GPT-3 the predictive language model created by OpenAI captured headlines last year when it showed that it could produce text and essays that couldn’t be distinguished from those written by a human. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, said that “the

Artificial Intelligence: US Government Invests in AI

By Dick Weisinger

The National AI Initiative Act was passed by the US Congress January 1st. The legislation enables funding for AI research and development across a number of US federal agencies. The law authorizes billions of dollars to be made available to