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Artificial and Natural Intelligence: Will Future AI Act as Human Avatars?

By Dick Weisinger

Natural Intelligence (NI) is biological DNA-based brain power. It is the wisdom that humans have evolved, developed, and passed down through generations. Contrast Natural Intelligence with man-made Artificial Intelligence. An essay in Scientific American depicts AI as a human avatar

Deep Reasoning: Hybrid Combinations with Neural Networks

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last few years AI has made stunning progress in visual object recognition and interpretation. Given typicaly hundreds to thousands of examples, AI algorithms are able to sort out and to recognize hidden patterns and relationships and often outperform

Swarm Intelligence: The Power of Groups Coordinated by AI

By Dick Weisinger

“Two heads are better than one” is a proverb that is being revived in the area of Artificial Intelligence. In AI, the term “Swarm intelligence” refers to the connection of groups of intelligent organisms together into a network that allows

Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge of Common Sense

By Dick Weisinger

Common sense. Most people you know have it, but machines do not. And that’s a problem for artificial intelligence. Computers are good at automating the processing of numbers and managing rules and relationships between objects, but they are not good

Artificial Intelligence: Turning Unstructured Data into Strategic Information

By Dick Weisinger

Unstructured data has long been the Achilles heel of data management. It’s the information stored in text documents, videos, audio, social media, and logs. Unlike the structure and easy searchability provided by data stored in databases, unstructured data follows no