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Hyperautomation: Combining AI with RPA to Improve Processes and Drive Efficiency

By Dick Weisinger

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is automation that combines the scanning of paper and the scraping of screens, with optical recognition and forms processing rules to read, map and route data into repositories and process workflows. RPA has gradually become a

Automation: Workers Rethink Where They Work, How They Work, and What Skills They Can Offer

By Dick Weisinger

Automation. Artificial Intelligence. Robotics. Technology is changing our lives and the way that we work. Change is coming quickly and workers need to prepare. Technology can both create and destroy jobs. Overall, what balance between creation and destruction can we

Automation: Accelerating Digital Transformation and Growth in the Enterprise

By Dick Weisinger

Top priorities for CIOs continue to be enabling digital transformation, improving customer experience, and improving operations performance, according to research by Foundry. A survey by Foundry found that automation is a key tool used by CIOs to pursue these top

Automation: Is it a Race that Humans can Win?

By Dick Weisinger

Companies forced to shift large numbers of workers to remote work during the pandemic were a major driver in the advancement of ‘digital transformation’. And as digital transformation advanced, so did the use of automation. A study by Workato found

Intelligent Automation: AI Pushes Automation to Even Greater Efficiencies

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence is improving the tools used for automation. The convergence of RPA with AI and machine learning (ML) is being called ‘intelligent automation’. RPA continues to be used for process step automation while AI and ML can automate decision