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Natural Language Processing: Enterprises Tap AI to Improve Internal and External Communication

By Dick Weisinger

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to process, understand and generate human text and speech. NLP technology is being used with chatbots, smart machines, and language translation applications. Walt Kristick, senior vice president at apexanalytix,

Quantum Computing: Researchers Evaluate Algorithms that Quantum-Proof Encryption

By Dick Weisinger

The development of ultra-fast quantum computers may bring the end of encryption techniques used commonly today. While it’s not impossible to decrypt data stored by today’s encryption algorithms, it isn’t practical. Encryption security is based on the fact that the

Supply Chain Trends: Technology to Slowly Drive Change

By Dick Weisinger

Advanced technologies are impacting the operation of supply chains. Christian Titze, vice president analyst with the Gartner Supply Chain Practice, said that “the vast majority of organizations have a cautious approach to adopting supply chain applications and technologies. Only 21%

Artificial Intelligence: Using Affordances can make AI Smarter

By Dick Weisinger

A concept from psychology called affordances is being used to improve the capability of AI algorithms. Affordances are simply object properties that list types of actions that can be taken on an object by some some agent that is capabile

Computing: Super Computers Confront Climate Change

By Dick Weisinger

Researchers are using supercomputers to see the future — at least the future of weather. High-powered computers are poised to take weather prediction to a new level of accuracy. New exascale super computers are being rolled out by a number