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IT: Global IT Spending in 2021 to top $4 Trillion

By Dick Weisinger

There will be strong Enterprise Software (+13.2%) and IT Services (+9.8%) growth throughout the rest of 2021 and into 2022, according to a recent forecast from Gartner. Global IT spending in 2021 is expected to exceed $4.2 trillion. John-David Lovelock,

Cloud Computing: A Huge Market Poised to Become ‘Huger’

By Dick Weisinger

Statistics. You can’t always trust the numbers which can be twisted to prove whatever you like. What about cloud statistics? Most statistics in headlines hype the exponential speed at which businesses are moving their IT workloads to the cloud: 88

Quantum Computing: The Global Race Intensifies

By Dick Weisinger

How far are we away from practical quantum computing? Most scientists say at least a decade. Alastair Williams, science journalist, for example, recently asked rhetorically on Medium: “How long until that future [of practical quantum computers] arrives? Most current quantum

NoSQL: Businesses Migrate to More Agile ‘New Stack’ Technologies

By Dick Weisinger

As data sizes grow, many businesses are evaluating whether they should migrate their RDBMS databases to NoSQL. Not all, but many existing RDBMS installed databases are proprietary and expensive. Most NoSQL databases are open source and cheaper. RDBMS databases are

Reshoring Semiconductors: Reimagining the North American Chip Industry

By Dick Weisinger

Faced with an increasingly aggressive campaign by China to drive the direction of the semiconductor production, politicians and industry groups are pushing for greater investment in the domestic chip manufacturing sector. Semiconductors are expensive to manufacture and require huge initial