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Artificial Intelligence: Your Miles May Vary When AI Algorithms Go into Production

By Dick Weisinger

AI algorithms can be trained. But it’s important to remember that trained algorithms are tuned to work well under very specific conditions using specific training data sets. Trying to apply a trained algorithm on data that has been created or

Link Rot: The Depth of Knowledge on the Internet is Phenomenal but Fragile

By Dick Weisinger

The internet may make more information easily available now to humans than at any other time in history, but on the flip side, the internet is a poor tool for accurately archiving data for the long term. Web pages are

Artificial Intelligence: Who Can You Trust?

By Dick Weisinger

Okay, you read it on the internet, so it has to be true… If it’s not, who can we trust? What about AI, would you trust it? Would you trust riding in an autonomous vehicle powered by an algorithm that

NLP Dialog: The Road to Conversational AI

By Dick Weisinger

Chatbots are text-based tools that allow humans to interact with a computer, typically to receive information and advice from a computer based on an archived knowledge database specific to a narrow topic. Currently the main use of chatbots is to

Managed Machine Learning: AI Without the Headaches

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has great potential, but without staff on board with significant skills and training, the barrier to effectively using AI is high and prevents many companies from being successfully using it. Craig Wiley, the director of