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Blockchain: Tech Companies See Big Promise

By Dick Weisinger

Nearly half of tech company executives say that Blockchain is poised to have a dramatic effect on their business within the next three years, according to KPGM. KPGM isn’t the only one following Blockchain. Blockchain has been the topic of

Digital Transformation: The Pain Points of Data Integration

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Transformation is a top goal for many businesses, but a major problem in achieving that goal is the difficulty of data integration. Why is data integration between different projects and systems hard? In the 2019 Connectivity Benchmark report MuleSoft

Security: The CLOUD Act Enables Government Access to Data Stored Anywhere

By Dick Weisinger

The CLOUD Act, fully known as the Clarifying Lawful Use of Overseas Data Act, is causing quite a stir. The Act was passed and signed into law by Trump in March 2018. The CLOUD Act compels any US-based technology company

Engineering Data Management: Formtek EDM Announces Support for Alfresco 6 and Enhanced AutoCAD Rendering

By Dick Weisinger

Available for Alfresco Version 6 on Windows or Linux Formtek’s Engineering Data Management (EDM) Solution for Alfresco provides for flexible yet secure management of engineering documents and drawings. The Formtek EDM Module provides for extraction of AutoCAD® block attributes and

Technology: Tech Tools Enabling Sustainability

By Dick Weisinger

New technology tools are being applied to the problem of sustainability. The goal of combining technology with sustainability is to create businesses that minimize damage to our natural world and enable employees and customers to be healthier. How can technology