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Artificial and Natural Intelligence: Will Future AI Act as Human Avatars?

By Dick Weisinger

Natural Intelligence (NI) is biological DNA-based brain power. It is the wisdom that humans have evolved, developed, and passed down through generations. Contrast Natural Intelligence with man-made Artificial Intelligence. An essay in Scientific American depicts AI as a human avatar

Energy: Making Fuel and Plastics from CO2 — The Circular Carbon Economy

By Dick Weisinger

Scientists believe that global warming has been triggered by massive amounts of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere as a result of the burning of fossil fuels. To mitigate the problem, both researchers and industry are investigating how to

Enterprise IT: The Unexpected Costs of the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud is great. Except when the cost to use it isn’t. Understanding and controlling cloud costs can be extremely challenging, especially for businesses when first moving from on-premise to the cloud. The cloud makes so many things easier to

Deep Reasoning: Hybrid Combinations with Neural Networks

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last few years AI has made stunning progress in visual object recognition and interpretation. Given typicaly hundreds to thousands of examples, AI algorithms are able to sort out and to recognize hidden patterns and relationships and often outperform

Cloud Computing: Improving Security Controls with Zero Trust and Confidential Computing

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud computing has been called flexible, scalable, and highly resilient. And its popularity has propelled it forward with large double-digit growth rates. But what about security? The cloud is frequently touted as being more secure than on-premise computing. Vendors supply