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AI and New Product Search: Accelerator for Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

In many fields product innovation has historically been one of trial and error. The classic example is Thomas Edison spending 1200 hours testing a range of filaments before finding the right one that could be used to charge an incandescent

Quantum Computing: Neon Ice Qubits Provide Stable Platform for Quantum Computing

By Dick Weisinger

Researchers around the world have been trying to build a new generation of computers call quantum computers that will be able to perform calculations many orders of magnitude faster than traditional computers. Traditional computing uses transistor bits that store data

Technology: The Next Generation of Electronics will be Soft

By Dick Weisinger

Jie Xu, assistant scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, told Newsweek that “the next generation of electronics is not going to be rigid anymore. It’s going to be soft, comfortable. It can even be biocompatible, like our tissue or skin.” Flexible

Low Code/No Code: Are Template Solutions the Future?

By Dick Weisinger

No-code GUI-based tools target non-developers and make it possible to configure applications without any code changes. Low-code means that an application provides a way to perform simple and quick customizations usually via scripting. But some vendors have stretched just what

Encryption, Security, and Open Source: Exposed Secrets Can Be Catastrophic

By Dick Weisinger

“The only method that currently exists for reliably protecting the world’s information is encryption,” wrote Edward Snowden for the Guardian. “The internet is more secure as a result.” Encryption is great! But encryption can also be a headache! Securing encryption