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AI Chip Market: Intense Global Competition

By Dick Weisinger

A strong demand for artificial intelligence chips is being driven by the increased use of deep learning and neural network applications. The AI chip market has been explosive with more than 80 global startups in the space funded by $10.5

Security: Rethinking Priorities for Software Development

By Dick Weisinger

Bulletproof software might be the ideal, but achieving it can be elusive. A report from Veracode found that 85 percent of all software had at least one vulnerability and that 13 percent of all software has at least one high-severity

Accelerated Disruption: The Five Year Plan for Improved Sustainability

By Dick Weisinger

The five year plan. Medium-term goal planning. A way to focus priorities and concentrate efforts over short periods of time to achieve top priorities. It was invented by the Soviets and used in Communist China, but IBM has picked up

Linux: Will Windows Eventually Submit?

By Dick Weisinger

The battle’s not over yet, and Linux may prevail. It’s been 30 years since Linux Torvalds first introduced Linux. People have long built PC which dual boot into either Windows or Linux. And Wine lets users run Windows apps on

Public Cloud: Exploding the Myth of Weak Security

By Dick Weisinger

Historically, a major impediment businesses have had to overcome before deciding to adopt and migrate to the public cloud has been security. Outside the corporate firewall it seems only natural that the public cloud which is more visible and accessible