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5G New Radio: Enabling Ground to Satellite Communication

By Dick Weisinger

5G is being rolled out now including a new radio access interface called 5G New Radio, or 5G NR. Other radio access technologies include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G LTE. 5G NR will enable communication of edge devices over the air

Drones as Pesticide: Bringing Sustainability to Agriculture

By Dick Weisinger

As an alternative to the use of chemical pesticides which can have harmful affects on humans and the environment, farmers are experimenting with the use of drones. Drones are being used to apply pesticides with more precision so that less

Glue Code: The Connector Between Software Components

By Dick Weisinger

Glue Code is code that connects programs and software components. It can move results, notifications, and data back and forth between islands of code. Glue is what lets you hook up programs and architectures that are fundamentally different to each

Governance: TikTok to Route US Data Through Oracle

By Dick Weisinger

TikTok has been criticized for exposing US user data to the Chinese government. The Trump administration had tried to break off US operations into an independent entity that would not allow data access from China. History of the Oracle/TikTok deal:

Artificial Intelligence: Avoiding Unintended Consequences of Emerging Technology

By Dick Weisinger

There has been a continuous set of ‘Wow’s generated by the achievements of Artificial Intelligence. It’s a master of Chess and Shogi, capable of self-driving and designing AI chips, and can act as a constant voice assistant companion. But there