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Digital Transformation: How to Invest for the Future

By Dick Weisinger

Laggards and Leaders in business. The differences often boil down to culture and investment. What is the best way for businesses to invest in themselves to be able to excel in the future? Bhaskar Ghosh, group chief executive of Accenture

Blockchain: Immature Technology + Forced Fit to Problems = Disillusionment

By Dick Weisinger

In 2016, banks like Deutsche forecast that the widespread use of blockchain technology was five to ten years away. Three years later, that goal hasn’t seemed to move much closer. In 4Q 2019, Gartner announced that disillusionment for blockchain was

Innovation: Decline in Startups Threaten US Economy

By Dick Weisinger

Startups and small businesses in the US have a history of driving innovation. But they are in trouble. Small businesses and startups in the US are struggling. Studies by the Kauffman Foundation and Brookings Institution have found that the number

Augmented Reality: Enhancing our View of the World

By Dick Weisinger

Augmented Reality (AR) is digital data that superimposes a user’s view of real-world objects. It is technology that enhances the things that we see, hear and feel. Spending on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will reach $160 billion by 2023,

Business Intelligence: Citizen Data Science to Become Widespread in Organizations

By Dick Weisinger

Business Intelligence systems are software tools that collect and analyze data to help organizations become more efficient and productive. Recently, Gartner announced their take on the top five trends currently happening in the area of Business Intelligence and Analytics: Augmented