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User Tracking: Deprecation of Third-Party Cookies Spur Development of Next-Generation Trackers

By Dick Weisinger

How many times have you agreed to the use of cookies on web sites in order to get access to them? Most likely, more times than you can remember. That will likely change within the next year. Beginning in 2022,

Data Privacy: US Governments Seek Stronger Protections

By Dick Weisinger

A PWC survey found that 85 percent of consumers worry about how online businesses are using their data. 60 percent of users of COVID-19 contact-tracing applications say that they believe their privacy has been compromised. In November 2020, California passed

Microservices: Better Scalability and Faster Deployments, but not Universally Good for all Apps

By Dick Weisinger

Traditionally applications have been developed as monoliths. The code is a single code base running on a single server. But as the code base grows, apps designed as monoliths typically become difficult to maintain and develop new features for. Microservices

Big Code: Businesses Challenged as Software Code Proliferates

By Dick Weisinger

The amount of code used by businesses is growing in tandem with the data that is being collected and analyzed. The term ‘Big Code’ is being used as the analog to ‘Big Data’ to describe the huge amount of software

Secure Code Training: Building Security into Apps from the Ground Up

By Dick Weisinger

The increasing number of data breaches is causing businesses to rethink how they secure their networks and software. Security has traditionally been handled by IT systems groups. These groups seldom had insight into how security is handled within the applications