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The Complementary Relationship of Data Governance and Management

By Dick Weisinger

Data governance and data management, often intertwined and confused, are foundational to the effective use of data in decision-making. Data governance lays down the policies and procedures, while data management enacts these to use data effectively. They form the backbone

Why Information Governance is So Difficult for Industrial Companies

By Dick Weisinger

Information governance is the process of managing the creation, use, storage, and disposal of information and data in an organization. It involves policies, procedures, roles, and technologies that ensure the quality, security, privacy, and compliance of information assets. Information governance

Data Governance: Facebook/Meta Needs Change to Achieve Compliance

By Dick Weisinger

Regulators worldwide are calling for controls and restrictions on how Facebook uses and protects user data. In 2021, Facebook warned its shareholders that it was facing ‘regulatory headwinds‘. Jason Kint, the CEO of Digital Content Next, told the Australian Financial

Collaboration Tool Governance: Challenges Grow as Apps Proliferate

By Dick Weisinger

During the two-year peak period of the COVID pandemic, businesses’ use of collaboration tools jumped as remote access became the new normal. But this new work style also introduced new complications to how businesses manage their information security and governance.

GDPR: Few Fines Levied During First Year

By Dick Weisinger

May 25, 2018. The day that the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation went into effect. Six months ago we did a post where we noted that many companies weren’t in compliance. During this first year there have been