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Collaboration Tool Governance: Challenges Grow as Apps Proliferate

By Dick Weisinger

During the two-year peak period of the COVID pandemic, businesses’ use of collaboration tools jumped as remote access became the new normal. But this new work style also introduced new complications to how businesses manage their information security and governance.

GDPR: Few Fines Levied During First Year

By Dick Weisinger

May 25, 2018. The day that the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation went into effect. Six months ago we did a post where we noted that many companies weren’t in compliance. During this first year there have been

Information Governance: Saving Data for Big Data Analytics Projects of the Future

By Dick Weisinger

Organizations are increasingly capable of capturing huge amounts of data, and so they’re doing just that.  IDC says that data will continue to grow by 50 percent annually through 2016.  All the massive troves of stored data has led to

Governance: Today’s Solutions Go Underutilized

By Dick Weisinger

GRC refers to an organization’s global approach to Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.  But GRC is much more than this relatively simple definition.  Paul Proctor, analyst at Gartner writes that, “when it comes to GRC technologies we have to define

Enterprise Information Management: One-Third of Top Organizations To be Hit with Information Crises

By Dick Weisinger

As organizations become overwhelmed in the management of their data, Gartner is predicting that within the next three years that one-third of Fortune 100 organizations will be hit with an “information crisis.”  These crises will be precipitated by inability of