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Handwriting Recognition: Digitizing Text from Handwritten Paper Documents

By Dick Weisinger

The use of OCR for forms processing and text capture is a popular way for businesses to rapidly transfer years of historical paper records into electronic documents and records.  Companies like Ephesoft and Kofax/Lexmark offer technology for rapidly process, convert,

Document Capture: Turning Paper Documents into Searchable Data

By Dick Weisinger

Despite the rise of electronic documents, paper and paper-based processes in businesses are still common. Document capture, the scanning of paper documents into electronically viewable images, can bring paper documents into electronic workflows.  Why is that important? There are many

Formtek and Alfresco: Visual Version Management with the Formtek Version Browser

By Dick Weisinger

Formtek released version 2.3 of the Version Browser for Alfresco 5.1 earlier this week.  The Formtek Version Browser is an extension to Alfresco One ECM that enables easy visual comparisons of versioned documents. The biggest addition to this release of the

Paperless Offices: Celebrate Today that Paper Processes are on the Decline

By Dick Weisinger

Today is World Paper Free Day.  It’s a day AIIM says that businesses should use to think about “working smarter, decreasing the paper entry points, and how to improve your processes.” Bob Larrivee, chief analyst at AIIM, said that “the once

The Mobile Enterprise: Government Adopts Mobile to Process Documents

By Dick Weisinger

Mobile devices are beginning to change the way that businesses work.  A report by Good Technology found that 67 percent of enterprises have increased their usage of mobile devices and applications.  Among businesses and organizations, document processing mobile applications are