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Networking: Rearchitecting the Internet to Enable Trustworthiness and Verifiability

By Dick Weisinger

Networking has changed dramatically from the original days of TCP/IP and client-server and client-client interactions. New technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, and Edge Computing have changed the amount, frequency and type of data being transmitted over

Optical Computing: Computing that Replaces Electrons with Photons

By Dick Weisinger

Optical computing is the use of photons instead of electrons for computation. The advantage of photons are that they are zero mass, have no charge and move extremely quickly. Electronic move only at about one-tenth the speed of light. Two

Chiplets: Rearchitecting the CPU

By Dick Weisinger

Computer chips have continued to scale up and become more performant by squeezing more and more integrated circuits onto each chip. Moore’s law describes how for 55 years the number of circuits on a chip have doubled roughly every two

Quantum Computing: The Global Race for Computing Supremacy

By Dick Weisinger

The race to build the first viable quantum computer is on, and the race is global. In the US there are tech companies like IBM, Microsoft and Intel. Universities and startups are jumping in too. In October 2019, the Trump

Exascale Computing: HPC Targets AI and Modeling

By Dick Weisinger

How many FLOPs can your computer do? FLOP = Floating Point Operations per Second. As of 2017, the fastest computer was benchmarked at 93 PetaFLOPs or 93×1015 operations per second. Vendors are shooting for ten times that to get into