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Computing: Creating Organic Chips from Silicon and Human Neurons

By Dick Weisinger

Wetware computing combines human biology with the silicon, plastic, and metals used by traditional semiconductors. A number of businesses and researchers are beginning to use synthetic biology to build computer chips. Neurons from mice and humans are being integrated into

Computing: Alternative Computations Scale the Limits of Moore’s Law

By Dick Weisinger

Because advances in conventional semiconductors are coming up against the limits of Moore’s Law, researchers are looking for other options for improving computing performance. Quantum Computing is one path being investigated. Another novel hardware approach is called the Ising Machine,

Confidential Computing: Keeping Data Secure During Computations

By Dick Weisinger

Security strategies for data and computing usually rely heavily on data encryption. This includes the encryption of data “at rest” and also during “transmission”. But a weak point of this strategy is the use of data during computation — data

Information Battery: Scheduling Computations to More Efficiently Utilize Renewable Energy

By Dick Weisinger

Renewable energies are limited by the constraints of their availability. No solar energy is collected at night and the amount of solar energy that can be collected is reduced by clouds and other weather phenomenon. Wind power is also dependent

Semiconductors: Chip Cycle Boom and Bust Timings Accelerate

By Dick Weisinger

For the last year and one half, we’ve heard about the computer chip shortage and how it is affecting the manufacture of everything from automobiles to appliances. A move towards embedding chips into a huge variety of consumer and industrial