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Security: Constant Software Patches Don’t Work — Can Secure Hardware Defeat Hackers?

By Dick Weisinger

The second Tuesday of each month is Windows patch release day. When shutting your computer off that day, Microsoft will download new software that fixes bugs and, more often than not, attempts to plug holes in the software that could

Algorithm Performance: Chip Metrics can be Deceptive

By Dick Weisinger

Benchmarks are key for doing side-by-side comparisons of hardware. But benchmark results aren’t always what they might seem to be and often need to be viewed in context with other factors. Consider the TOPS metrics. TOPS is Tera (Trillions) Operations

Fair Use of APIs: A Victory for Software Developers

By Dick Weisinger

Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled on a case brought by Oracle against Google on the use of APIs of the Java language. Code used by Google followed the standard signatures of common Java API methods. The case questioned

Data Mesh: Avoiding the Swamp of Centralization

By Dick Weisinger

The centralization of data has been a core design concept of enterprise data management. Data platforms like data lakes and data warehouses try to pool data from dispersed systems into a central access point so that all data can be

Confidential Computing: The Missing Key for Enabling Complete Security

By Dick Weisinger

Private-key encryption is the tool we use to protect data that is stored on disk. SSL and TLS are protocols designed to protect the transmission of data from point A to point B securely. But in order to sue data