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Semiconductors: A Silicon-Alternative with 10x Better Thermal Conductivity

By Dick Weisinger

Cubic Boron Arsenide has been identified as a material which has far superior semiconducting properties compared to the currently ubiquitously used silicon, according to research from work done at MIT, the University of Houston, and other institutions. Silicon is used

Computing: Creating Organic Chips from Silicon and Human Neurons

By Dick Weisinger

Wetware computing combines human biology with the silicon, plastic, and metals used by traditional semiconductors. A number of businesses and researchers are beginning to use synthetic biology to build computer chips. Neurons from mice and humans are being integrated into

AI Chip Design: Moving from Scale Complexity to Systemic Complexity

By Dick Weisinger

A study by Google in 2021 found that AI can design advanced computer chips more effectively than engineers can do it using traditional chip-design software. This has become a common practice among companies designing chips now like Nvidia, Google, Samsung,

Technology: The Next Generation of Electronics will be Soft

By Dick Weisinger

Jie Xu, assistant scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, told Newsweek that “the next generation of electronics is not going to be rigid anymore. It’s going to be soft, comfortable. It can even be biocompatible, like our tissue or skin.” Flexible

Blockchain: The Etherium Merge has Shipped and GPU prices are Dropping

By Dick Weisinger

Last week, September 15th, marked the completion of the Etherium cryptocoin’s ‘Merge‘. Etherium has migrated from a Proof-of-Work model to a Proof-of-Stake model. With ‘Proof-of-Work’, Etherium ‘miners’ needed to use massive amounts of computer cycles to derive new Etherium coins.