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AI Gold Rush: Can Today’s Data Centers Strike It Rich?

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new gold rush, and data centers are the mines. As AI continues to evolve, the demand for high computing power is skyrocketing. But can today’s data centers handle these requirements? The answer is a resounding

Silicon Photonics Could Revolutionize Data Centers and Moore’s Law

By Dick Weisinger

Silicon photonics is a technology that uses silicon as an optical medium to create photonic integrated circuits (PICs) that can transmit and process data using light. Silicon photonics has many advantages over conventional electronic circuits, such as lower power consumption,

Data Centers: The Noise Pollution Problem

By Dick Weisinger

Data centers are highly efficient. Consolidation of computing resources into centralized locations typically comes with overall cost savings due to the economies of scale. Data centers offer improved energy efficiencies, better security, redundancy, and increased productivity. Data centers also consume

Data Centers: Climate Change Call to Action

By Dick Weisinger

The US Data Center construction market is growing. It’s being driven by increased demand for things like video streaming, IoT, and the availability of 5G networks. A report by analyst firm Arizton estimates that the new US data center construction

Data Centers: Hydrogen Fuel Cells Replace Diesel Generators

By Dick Weisinger

Data centers are engineered to run 24×7 with 99.999% uptime service level agreements. To maintain that level of operation, backup power is kept available that can kick in at a moment’s notice should a power outage occur. Backup power is