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US Patents: Who Owns What AI Creates?

By Dick Weisinger

Patent law protects new and useful inventions by granting the inventor exclusive rights to make, use, or sell them for a limited time. Patent law encourages innovation and rewards inventors for their efforts. However, patent law is based on the

AI Patents: Laws Need to be Clear, Predictable, and Consistently Applied

By Dick Weisinger

The use of AI is spreading to almost every industry. A frequently recurring question now is who owns the rights to the inventions being created with AI? The results of a number of recent court cases in the US and

Security: Does Piracy Spur Innovation?

By Dick Weisinger

‘Piracy Shock’. That’s the aftereffect that businesses go through following the loss of intellectual property (IP). Devastated by their loss, the reaction is to increase security and core business investment. Piracy actually acts as a boost to innovation, according to

Patents and AI: Competition Grows as Businesses Stake Ground in AI Research

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence is impacting every industry, and the number of AI-related patents is rapidly increasing accordingly. A report focusing on the growth of the number of patents awarded by the US Patent Office found that the number of AI-related patents

Technology: Can Data from Patent Registrations Predict the Rate of Future Innovation?

By Dick Weisinger

For more than a decade a group of researchers at MIT have tried to develop a method to predict the possibility of up-coming innovations and how long it may take before the capability can be realized. They began with an