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Patents: Can Inventions by AI be Patented?

By Dick Weisinger

Can patents be issued for technology or algorithms derived by artificial intelligence? That’s a problem that lawyers and researchers are now grappling with. Law firm Baker McKenzie predicts that “patentability of AI-created inventions, liability for infringement by AI, and patent

Patents: Balancing IP Holder Rights versus new Technology ‘Essential Patents’

By Dick Weisinger

FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory). It is a licensing commitment from the holder of a patent that is essential in order for a standard to become commonly used. It’s an agreement where the technology patent holder allows the patent to

Patents: Major Tech Firms Dominate Patent Filings — AI for Structured Data Drives Value.

By Dick Weisinger

The number of patents being filed for AI inventions and techniques is soaring. A report by EconSight estimated the annual growth rate to be 29.3 percent between 2010 and 2018. Francis Gurry, WIPO Director General, said that “patenting activity in

Patents: New EU Patent Laws Target Tech Platforms

By Dick Weisinger

The Copyright Directive. It is a new copyright law passed by the EU that introduces reform to European copyright laws to try to “protect creativity in the digital age.” Article 11 of the directive requires businesses that display headlines and

Copyright Law: Code Hosting Sites like GitHub Protest Europe’s Proposed Copyright Regulations

By Dick Weisinger

In order to police copyright infringement, the EU is considering harsh new requirements for managing the content hosted by online code repositories.  Article 13 of a proposed copyright directive is primarily an attempt to protect the creators of music and