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Fair Use of APIs: A Victory for Software Developers

By Dick Weisinger

Earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled on a case brought by Oracle against Google on the use of APIs of the Java language. Code used by Google followed the standard signatures of common Java API methods. The case questioned

Open Source Trademarks: Companies Push Back Against Google

By Dick Weisinger

The Open Usage Commons (OUC) is a new project established by Google for managing trademarks and their usage for Open Source projects. But not all projects think this approach is a good idea. OUC promises that my letting them manage

AI and Patents: Algorithms Aren’t Inventors

By Dick Weisinger

Inventions and AI have been a subject for debate. Can an AI algorithm that comes up with a novel approach to solving a problem patent that idea? Earlier this year, the US Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) ruled that the

Patents: Can Inventions by AI be Patented?

By Dick Weisinger

Can patents be issued for technology or algorithms derived by artificial intelligence? That’s a problem that lawyers and researchers are now grappling with. Law firm Baker McKenzie predicts that “patentability of AI-created inventions, liability for infringement by AI, and patent

Patents: Balancing IP Holder Rights versus new Technology ‘Essential Patents’

By Dick Weisinger

FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory). It is a licensing commitment from the holder of a patent that is essential in order for a standard to become commonly used. It’s an agreement where the technology patent holder allows the patent to