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Surveillance Capitalism: Tech Titans Compromising Privacy to Maximize Profits

By Dick Weisinger

The collection and commodification of personal data by big tech companies and used to make a profit is known as ‘surveillance capitalism‘. It’s a term that was first coined in the book “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” by Harvard Business

Security: Reshuffling of Workers during “Great Resignation” Exacerbates Data Leaks

By Dick Weisinger

Data theft and leaks have spiked as post-pandemic many employees are switching employers and moving onto different jobs. A 40 percent jump of data exposure events occurred between H2 2020 and H1 2021, according to cyber security company Code42. Mark

Confidential Computing: The Missing Key for Enabling Complete Security

By Dick Weisinger

Private-key encryption is the tool we use to protect data that is stored on disk. SSL and TLS are protocols designed to protect the transmission of data from point A to point B securely. But in order to sue data

API Security: A Security Weak Link in Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

APIs are the heart of digital transformation strategies, but they can easily become the weak link in a security strategy. APIs are often customer facing and thus readily available and can be exploited to expose business logic and sensitive data.

Security: Apple’s Highly-Secure ‘Walled Garden’ is a Gift to Elite Hackers

By Dick Weisinger

The Apple iPhone has a reputation as being a super-secure device. It’s locked down to the point where hackers have a very hard time trying to break in. But there is a flip side to having this level of security.