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Open Source: Both Hero and Villian of App Development

By Dick Weisinger

Applications based on open-source software are everywhere. The Linux Foundation estimates that most modern applications contain 70-90 percent open-source software. And by some estimates, 96 percent of all enterprise software is using some amount of open source. The advantage of

Industrial Devices: Riddled with Vulnerabilities

By Dick Weisinger

Just like the consumer products used in your home, electronics used in devices for manufacturing and other industrial purposes contain computer chips that are programmed to perform very specialized tasks. Devices used for controlling industrial equipment are called Operational Technology

Security: Does Piracy Spur Innovation?

By Dick Weisinger

‘Piracy Shock’. That’s the aftereffect that businesses go through following the loss of intellectual property (IP). Devastated by their loss, the reaction is to increase security and core business investment. Piracy actually acts as a boost to innovation, according to

Security: Inconsistent Policies for Vulnerability Disclosures Creates Confusion

By Dick Weisinger

Vulnerability disclosure is the reporting of security bugs and flaws in software and hardware products. Disclosure is usually made directly to the vendor or creator of the flawed product and the exact nature of the problem is typically not disclosed

Confidential Computing: Keeping Data Secure During Computations

By Dick Weisinger

Security strategies for data and computing usually rely heavily on data encryption. This includes the encryption of data “at rest” and also during “transmission”. But a weak point of this strategy is the use of data during computation — data