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Security: COVID-19 Accelerates Cybersecurity and Cloud Migration Plans

By Dick Weisinger

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of approach towards cybersecurity and the cloud by businesses. It has especially affected businesses with more than 500 employees — in these larger businesses, nearly 75 percent said that they have accelerated their

Security: Building the Successor to OAuth

By Dick Weisinger

OAuth is an open standard for authorization that enables clients to access applications via a secure token over https rather than with login credentials. OAuth 2.0 is the current and most frequently used version. OAuth 1.0a, the previous version, was

Security: Zero Trust Enables Flexibility and Agility

By Dick Weisinger

Zero trust is security that focuses on the authentication of individuals rather than relying firewalls and perimeter protection. Previously organizations implemented security by focusing on securing a network segment. Zero trust, on the other hand, focuses on strong authentication that

Cognitive Security: Disinformation Becomes the Newest Cyberthreat

By Dick Weisinger

Cognitive security is the application of AI to identify hacking and to protect computer systems. Cognitive security uses AI to continually mine network activity data to identify anomalies, anticipate threats and be proactive in protecting against cyberattacks. But beyond hacking

Security: Rethinking Priorities for Software Development

By Dick Weisinger

Bulletproof software might be the ideal, but achieving it can be elusive. A report from Veracode found that 85 percent of all software had at least one vulnerability and that 13 percent of all software has at least one high-severity