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Confidential Computing: Advancing Data Security

By Dick Weisinger

In the digital age, data is the new gold, and protecting it is paramount. Enter Confidential Computing, a revolutionary technology that promises to minimize the risk of hackers exploiting data. It’s a game-changer, creating a secure enclave within a computer’s processor, ensuring

ECM for Managing Corporate Data Privacy and Security Risks

By Dick Weisinger

Data privacy and security are among the top concerns for many organizations today, especially because businesses are undergoing digital transformation and being required to comply with increasing regulations. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems can help you address these challenges by

How to Secure Data When Computing with PAC Privacy

By Dick Weisinger

Data privacy is a major concern for many applications of machine learning, especially when sensitive information such as medical records or personal images is involved. How can we share useful models without revealing the data they were trained on? A

Security: Shifting Left for Better Security and Product Quality

By Dick Weisinger

Application security has evolved. Traditionally, applications were created and deployed. Then the IT and security team would erect a firewall and build security around the application to protect it from unauthorized entry. Security was something very remote from the development

Digital Transformation: Security Cracks with New Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation has become a critical component of many business plans to differentiate themselves in the market, or increasingly more frequently, to just stay competitive. Digital transformation brings with it benefits that include increased agility, data-based insights, improved customer satisfaction,