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Low-Code: Quicker Development but Potentially a Security Risk

By Dick Weisinger

Low-code/No-code has been hailed as the tool that will empower non-developers in an organization with the ability to define and change the processes and configurations of enterprise software applications. The benefits of low code are that it requires no coding

Security: Ethical Hackers Shine the Light on Vulnerabilities

By Dick Weisinger

Ethical hacking is a pre-emptive way to identify and resolve security vulnerabilities before a hacker attacks. Ethical hacking adopts standard hacking tools and techniques to non-maliciously gain unauthorized access to a computer system in order to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Machine Learning Security: Undetectable Backdoors

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are increasingly being used across a wide variety of industries and applications. In many cases, the results achieved are amazing or a quantum jump over the capabilities of a previous generation of software. But the

Authentication: Death to the Password?

By Dick Weisinger

90 percent of us are worried that our passwords will be hacked? Despite that, we tend to be very bad at managing the passwords we choose securely. Passwords like ‘password’ and ‘123456789’ still are favorites. A study by Ponemon found

Security: Lax or Misconfigured Permissions Source of Many Incidents

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud security issues are often blamed on human errors made during system configuration. A recent study by Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 drilled down more on this claim and found misconfiguration of user security access was often the source of