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IoT Security: DICE Secures Devices with Limited Resources

By Dick Weisinger

IoT Security has a reputation for being bad or non-existent. Vendors have focused on creating the functionality for their internet-connected devices without deep consideration about security. But as the number of internet-capable devices have increased, IoT devices become easy targets

Security: The Vulnerabilities of Smart Locks

By Dick Weisinger

Smart locks are door locks that are controlled by your smart app. The app can automatically open and lock your front door as you come and go and log all activity of entrances. But the apps have vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, smart

Security: The Top 25 Most Exploited Software Flaws

By Dick Weisinger

Hacking and exploits have unfortunately become common-place hazards of working with computers. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released the 2020 list of most dangerous software vulnerabilities, a list that they’re calling the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE). The CWE

Security: Adoption of TLS 1.3 for Secure Web Communication Grows

By Dick Weisinger

The TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.3 protocol was officially released in the summer of 2018. It provides secure communication between web browsers and backend servers and is a replacement for SSL. TLS 1.3 supercedes TLS 1.2 and includes newer, more

Security: Data Breaches Grow More Frequent and More Costly

By Dick Weisinger

Several new reports on the occurrence and impact of data breaches find that breaches are becoming more frequent and more costly. An excellent report by Audit Analytics summarizes data on breaches over the past decade. A report from Ponemon sponsored