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Security: Testing the Security of Your APIs Before Hackers Do

By Dick Weisinger

APIs have allowed software easier to maintain and test by breaking functionality down into small components. APIs have become popular and something that is expected to be available for developers. Marco Palladino, CTO at Kong, said that “APIs enable companies

Cyber Hacking: Ignoring Security Issues is an Invitation for Trouble

By Dick Weisinger

Application security is still a major problem for most industries. WhiteHat Security found that more than half of the apps across 11 different industries had at least one major security problem. The industries include utilities, public administration, and professional services.

Digital Hygiene: Daily Habits to Minimize the Threat of Cyber-Hacking

By Dick Weisinger

Personal hygiene relates to good health, grooming, and well-being. In a similar way, ‘digital hygiene’ refers to actions and behaviors that promote digital security and that minimize the chance of cyber theft and vulnerabilities. Examples of good digital hygiene practice

Security: Add EV Charging Stations to the List of Cyber-Vulnerable

By Dick Weisinger

Anything that can connect to a public network is hackable. The weaknesses of IoT device security has been widely discussed. More recently, concerns about infrastructure have started to increase. And now, even electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been found

Air Gapping for Security: Isolating Data Offline Can Decrease Possibility of Data Loss

By Dick Weisinger

Data loss and ransomware threats and worries are leading many IT shops to look at how they could protect themselves. One possible option is being called “Air Gapping“. An air gap means that a device or network is disconnected from