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Ransomware: Hackers Strike at US Business and Infrastructure

By Dick Weisinger

Malware that attacks a computer’s data by maliciously encrypting it and preventing the user from accessing it until the user first pays a fee is called ransomware. 2021 is looking to be the year of Ransomware as the number of

Data Security: Trends in 2021

By Dick Weisinger

Working from home. Ransomeware. Frequent breaches. IT security teams are feeling stress as they try to keep data secure. Yassir Abousselham, CIO of Splunk, told Forbes that “we have to deliver the same level of security protection to employees and

Security: Feds to Toughen Cybersecurity Measures in Response to Recent Hacks

By Dick Weisinger

Last week Wednesday, President Biden signed into law a sweeping order that attempts to combat cyber hacking. The order comes in the wake of numerous hacking cases, like the Colonial Pipeline, Microsoft Exchange, and SolarWinds. In all cases, infrastructure, federal

Security: Ransomware Attacks on US Infrastructure

By Dick Weisinger

5500 miles of the Colonial Pipeline has been shut down due to ransomware. The operation carries refined gasoline and jet fuel along the East Coast up to New York. The pipeline represents 45 percent of the East Coast fuel’s supply.

Security: Businesses Exposed to Insider Risk

By Dick Weisinger

Insider Risk is the general danger of damage or loss occurring to company data. Insider Threat more specifically focuses on users — it is the potential that a user who has authorized access does something either maliciously or unintentionally that