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The Dawn of a New Era: Tech Innovations in 2024

By Dick Weisinger

As we stand on the brink of 2024, the tech landscape is poised for a seismic shift, particularly in the realm of information and data management. The year 2023 was a watershed moment for Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), which exploded onto

How Data Management Enables Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Data is the fuel of innovation. Without data, there is no way to generate new insights, test new hypotheses, or create new solutions. Data management is the process of collecting, storing, organizing, and analyzing data to make it useful and

Innovation: Does Big Tech Stifle Entrepreneurism?

By Dick Weisinger

The combined annual spending of Big Tech (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft) on research and development is more than the gross domestic product of more than 120 companies. Many would interpret that to mean we can expect big and continued

Digital Transformation: Security Cracks with New Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Digital transformation has become a critical component of many business plans to differentiate themselves in the market, or increasingly more frequently, to just stay competitive. Digital transformation brings with it benefits that include increased agility, data-based insights, improved customer satisfaction,

Innovation: Deep versus Shallow Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Technology innovation at enterprise companies comes in two varieties: “deep tech” and “shallow tech”. Companies doing “deep tech” are adopting advanced new technologies like AI and robotics, while companies doing “shallow tech” are much more risk-averse and approach technology innovation