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Accelerated Disruption: The Five Year Plan for Improved Sustainability

By Dick Weisinger

The five year plan. Medium-term goal planning. A way to focus priorities and concentrate efforts over short periods of time to achieve top priorities. It was invented by the Soviets and used in Communist China, but IBM has picked up

Innovation: Despite Uncertainty, the Best Course is Prudent Risk Taking

By Dick Weisinger

The COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented in how quickly it has managed to totally upend both our work and personal lives. Whole sectors of industry have been shutdown or been forced to readjust to new requirements and conditions. In particular,

Innovation: The Need for Government-Funded Basic Research

By Dick Weisinger

In 2019, the Chinese government announced the allocation of a $21 billion fund devoted to funding research for advanced manufacturing, new materials, information technology, and electrical equipment. It is part of China’s “Made in China 2025” plan to dominate technology.

Continuous Foresight: Building Stronger, more Innovative, and Adaptable Organizations

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses thrive by being able to navigate changes in customer preferences, technology and politics. They must continually be on the lookout, observing the world around them, making decisions, and taking actions that will lead to positive business outcomes. Gartner calls

Innovation: The PATHS of Leading Businesses

By Dick Weisinger

Leaders – Middlers- Laggards. Those are the three categories that Accenture used to divide businesses based on their deployment of new technologies. Most companies resist change and innovation. Change is difficult and is risky. But while failure can be costly