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Security: Does Piracy Spur Innovation?

By Dick Weisinger

‘Piracy Shock’. That’s the aftereffect that businesses go through following the loss of intellectual property (IP). Devastated by their loss, the reaction is to increase security and core business investment. Piracy actually acts as a boost to innovation, according to

Innovators: Better Than Inventors?

By Dick Weisinger

The words innovation and invention are technically synonyms of each other, but the two have actually quite distinct meanings. Invention corresponds to the creation of something new which in itself doesn’t necessarily have intrinsic value. Innovation is the adding of

AI and New Product Search: Accelerator for Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

In many fields product innovation has historically been one of trial and error. The classic example is Thomas Edison spending 1200 hours testing a range of filaments before finding the right one that could be used to charge an incandescent

Intangible Investment: Predictor of a Business’s Growth and Productivity

By Dick Weisinger

Standard measurement tools for productivity and rturn on investment are often based on parameters that can be easily quantified for measurement. The health of a country is normally measured by factors like GDP. But GDP doesn’t take into account and

Technology: Can Data from Patent Registrations Predict the Rate of Future Innovation?

By Dick Weisinger

For more than a decade a group of researchers at MIT have tried to develop a method to predict the possibility of up-coming innovations and how long it may take before the capability can be realized. They began with an