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Innovation: Knowing that Bets Need to be Placed before Something becomes Conventional

By Dick Weisinger

Satya Nadella became CEO of Microsoft in 2014 and over the course of the last five years turned around the direction of Microsoft, making it once again one of the US’s leading tech businesses. How did Nadella manage the turnaround

Innovation: Create a Strategy that will Grow your Business Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

The innovation thesis. It’s a sort of vision statement with a focus on creativity.  Businesses create innovation theses that describe the ideas and market focus that they want to pursue, typically over a five year outlook.  The thesis briefly summarizes

Obsolescence and Recalls: Painpoints of the Internet of Things (IoT)

By Dick Weisinger

Innovation and new technology can be cool, but the dark side of innovation is obsolescence. I recently found that my 5+ year old iPad is considered by Apple to be ‘vintage’.  And at the seven year mark, Apple products are

Innovation: R&D Spending Helps but Doesn’t Guarantee Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Many of the most innovative companies, like Apple and Alphabet have enormous R&D budgets.  But, businesses are spending less on R&D. PwC estimates that R&D budgets in 2020 will be 19 percent lower than they were in 2010. What does that

Repurposing Innovation: Turning Amazon’s Alexa into an Assistant in the Lab

By Dick Weisinger

Upcycle. Recycle. Reuse.  Inventors and businesses selling products for one purpose are often surprised when their products are used for purposes totally different from what they were originally designed. It happens frequently in the drug industry.  For example, drugs that have