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Quantum Computing: Designing Next-Generation Automotive Batteries

By Dick Weisinger

Researchers predict that in a decade quantum computers will begin to become available for solving previously intractable problems. That’s not stopping another group of researchers from experimenting and using primitive first-generation quantum computers that are available already today. The hope

Quantum Computing: Neon Ice Qubits Provide Stable Platform for Quantum Computing

By Dick Weisinger

Researchers around the world have been trying to build a new generation of computers call quantum computers that will be able to perform calculations many orders of magnitude faster than traditional computers. Traditional computing uses transistor bits that store data

Quantum Computing: Stashing Encrypted Data for Future Cracking

By Dick Weisinger

In preparation for the day when quantum computing is available, hackers are stashing away encrypted data. Today’s encryption algorithms will be no match for true quantum computing which will operate at compute speeds of millions of times faster than today’s

Quantum Computing: Just Over the Horizon or Another Galaxy Away?

By Dick Weisinger

Quantum Computing will be a revolution for computing. Quantum is expected to propel computing past many of the limits in the areas of speed, size and efficiency that currently confront traditional computing. David L. Carroll, physics professor at Wake Forest

Time: Direct Relationship Between Clock Accuracy and Entropy

By Dick Weisinger

Measuring time isn’t free. Measuring time requires work and researchers have found that as clocks are made more accurate, more work is required, the process gives off more heat, and entropy in the universe increases. Clock accuracy is directly proportional