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Quantum Computing: Building Qubits from Silicon

By Dick Weisinger

Next-generation computers are expected to be based on principles from quantum computing. Computers of the future are expected to be able to performs many orders of magnitude faster than the computers we use today. While the foundation of computers today

Quantum Computing: The Coming Threat to Tech Security

By Dick Weisinger

Haim Isreal, Bank of America strategist, said that “quantum computing could be an even more radical technology in terms of its impact on businesses than the smartphone has been. This is going to be a revolution.” A major worry is

Quantum Computing: Claiming Victory over Standard Silicon

By Dick Weisinger

Quantum computers are based on quantum physics theory. Information is encoded using special kinds of bits that can maintain more than two on-off states like traditional computers. Quantum encoding states are called qubits. A single quantum bit or qubit might

Quantum Computing: Capable of Both Breaking all Today’s Secure Systems and Enabling new Unbreakable Security

By Dick Weisinger

Yesterday we looked at the enormous cost of BitCoin technnology and questioned its sustainability.  Today we look at another threat to BitCoin: Quantum computing.  Quantum computing makes use of quantum-mechanical phenomena, like superposition and entanglement to perform data calculations. Quantum