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Time: Direct Relationship Between Clock Accuracy and Entropy

By Dick Weisinger

Measuring time isn’t free. Measuring time requires work and researchers have found that as clocks are made more accurate, more work is required, the process gives off more heat, and entropy in the universe increases. Clock accuracy is directly proportional

Quantum Computing: Designing New Advanced Materials

By Dick Weisinger

Quantum Computing has the potential to revolutionize our ability to create new materials. Extremely detailed and accurate simulations will allow scientists to study material properties much more efficiently without the need to conduct real-world experiments. The amount of data required

Quantum-Secure Encryption: Urgently Needed

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Encryption as it is currently implemented is in danger of being thwarted by Quantum Computing. Encryption today is based on the ability to factor very large numbers, a problem very difficult for today’s best computers to solve, but a

Quantum Computing: Use of Entangled Protons May Prove Key for Future Research

By Dick Weisinger

Scientists around the world are researching and experimenting with the physics that could enable quantum computing. To date the research has focused on the use of a property called electron entanglement and how it could be manipulated to determine and

Technology: Time Crystals May Prove Revolutionary to Designs of Quantum Computers

By Dick Weisinger

Time crystals are a new concept in physics that were originally theorized by Frank Wilczek just ten years ago. Time crystals is a lattice in time rather than space. They are continually evolving and their pattern of arrangement changes along