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Augmented Reality: Killer App in Another Decade?

By Dick Weisinger

Augmented Reality is technology that extends the experience of the physical world by adding virtual elements to it. Augmented Reality can add visual and audio andother sensory elements that make an experience more immersive and interactive. Andrew Walls, distinguished VP

AR/VR + Digital Twins: Examining and Testing Virtual Designs Before Construction

By Dick Weisinger

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical product or system that is frequently updated so that it represents as closely as possible the physical object being modeled. The virtual model represented by the digital twin allows users

Virtual Reality: How Safe is the Technology?

By Dick Weisinger

If you did something that caused symptoms like nausea, queasiness, cold sweats, dizziness, headache, and fatigue, would you do it? Virtual Reality is the activity that can bring about these symptoms. Thomas Stoffregen, a kinesiologist at the University of Minnesota,

Augmented Reality: Bigger than AI in Impact and Disruption?

By Dick Weisinger

While the headlines continue to hype AI as the current technology trend, a recent survey of businesses found that a bigger and potentially more disruptive technology is Augmented Reality (AR). While the results don’t seem right, since AR news and

Augmented Reality: Bionic-Eye AR Contact Lenses

By Dick Weisinger

We’ve all seen clips of users with virtual reality goggles bending backwards and spinning their heads to see the corners of a virtual environment that is projected all around them. But rather than goggles that totally cover and hide the