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Digital Twins: The Future of Manufacturing and Beyond

By Dick Weisinger

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical systems, such as machines, processes, or products, that can simulate their behavior and performance in real-time. They can help manufacturers optimize their operations, reduce costs, improve quality, and innovate faster. But how will

Digital Twins: The Next Frontier of Business Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Digital twins are virtual models of real-world objects or systems that are connected to their physical counterparts through sensors and data. They enable businesses to simulate, monitor, and optimize their products, processes, and operations in real-time, as well as to

Digital Threads: The Digital Manufacturing Lifecycle

By Dick Weisinger

Digital Thread refers to the complete digital lifecycle of a product from design, production, evaluation, and end of life. The term was first used in 2013 by the US Air Force and has caught on, especially as a concept that

Digital Twins: Virtual Simulations that Help Answer ‘What If’ Scenarios

By Dick Weisinger

Digital twins are virtual representations of a system or object that model the characteristics and behaviors of the real system. For example, a digital twin could be made that corresponds to a building, an airplane, the power grid, or a

AR/VR + Digital Twins: Examining and Testing Virtual Designs Before Construction

By Dick Weisinger

A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical product or system that is frequently updated so that it represents as closely as possible the physical object being modeled. The virtual model represented by the digital twin allows users