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Enterprise Collaboration and Technology Are Shaping the Future of Work

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprise collaboration is the system of communication and cooperation that allows employees to work together on projects and goals, regardless of their location or time zone. Technology plays a vital role in facilitating and enhancing enterprise collaboration, as it provides

Data Collaboration: A Key for Unlocking Business Success

By Dick Weisinger

In today’s ever-changing marketplace, businesses are navigating a complex landscape marked by evolving customer journeys, privacy regulations, and disruptive technologies. To thrive in this environment, organizations are embracing data collaboration as a key strategy that extends beyond marketing and drives

Effective Collaboration with Data Scientists

By Dick Weisinger

Data science is a powerful tool for research, enabling new insights and discoveries across various disciplines. However, data science also poses unique challenges for interdisciplinary collaborations, such as miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, and lack of recognition. How can data scientists work

Collaboration Tool Governance: Challenges Grow as Apps Proliferate

By Dick Weisinger

During the two-year peak period of the COVID pandemic, businesses’ use of collaboration tools jumped as remote access became the new normal. But this new work style also introduced new complications to how businesses manage their information security and governance.

Collaboration Software: Dramatic Growth Since Early 2020

By Dick Weisinger

A big beneficiary of COVID-19 has been remote collaboration software. More than 80 percent of workers now use some kind of software collaboration tool for their work, an increase of 44 percent compared to pre-COVID-19, according to Gartner estimates. Spending