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WebRTC: Now Officially a W3C Standard

By Dick Weisinger

WebRTC is a framework for real-time communication (RTC) between browsers that requires no special plug-in to work. It is an open-source API that enables voice and video communication inside browser web pages. The WebRTC standard was first introduced in 2011 and has gained

Open Source: Microsoft’s Fluid Framework Redefines Collaboration

By Dick Weisinger

Microsoft has introduced Fluid Framework. It’s being positioned as Microsoft’s next-generation collaboration tool. It will provide speedy low-latency interactions with documents. The framework will be part of Microsoft 365 offerings, but it is open source and will be hosted on

Business Process Management (BPM): Enabler of Batter Collaboration and Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

Better collaboration and digital transformation rather than cost cutting.  Those are the priorities now for the use of BPM at most organizations, according to Forrester, and that’s a shift from the traditional way that BPM has been used. The Forrester report

Security: Nearly Half of SharePoint Installations Experience Data Breaches

By Dick Weisinger

Organizations using SharePoint and File Sharing Tools often face problems trying to control sensitive data, according to a recent survey/report by Metalogix and the Ponemon Institute. The report found that: 49 percent of respondents reported a data breach in their

Collaboration: Can Cloud and Mobile Team to Create a Challenge to Email?

By Dick Weisinger

For more than the last decade email has been the primary tool used by businesses for collaboration.  While there have been many attempts to create technology that can make people more productive and stay attuned to business requirements, there haven’t