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Collaboration Tool Governance: Challenges Grow as Apps Proliferate

By Dick Weisinger

During the two-year peak period of the COVID pandemic, businesses’ use of collaboration tools jumped as remote access became the new normal. But this new work style also introduced new complications to how businesses manage their information security and governance.

Collaboration Software: Dramatic Growth Since Early 2020

By Dick Weisinger

A big beneficiary of COVID-19 has been remote collaboration software. More than 80 percent of workers now use some kind of software collaboration tool for their work, an increase of 44 percent compared to pre-COVID-19, according to Gartner estimates. Spending

Social and Collaboration Tools: Now a Must-Have Feature for Enterprise Software

By Dick Weisinger

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for the growth and adoption of collaboration software by businesses. Gartner is predicting that the growth trend will continue even after the worries about COVID-19 die down. Nicole Alvino, co-founder and chief strategy officer at

WebRTC: Now Officially a W3C Standard

By Dick Weisinger

WebRTC is a framework for real-time communication (RTC) between browsers that requires no special plug-in to work. It is an open-source API that enables voice and video communication inside browser web pages. The WebRTC standard was first introduced in 2011 and has gained

Open Source: Microsoft’s Fluid Framework Redefines Collaboration

By Dick Weisinger

Microsoft has introduced Fluid Framework. It’s being positioned as Microsoft’s next-generation collaboration tool. It will provide speedy low-latency interactions with documents. The framework will be part of Microsoft 365 offerings, but it is open source and will be hosted on