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Innovation: Small Businesses that Adopt Digital are More Likely to Succeed

By Dick Weisinger

Small businesses that have adopted digital technologies are seeing improved growth and business success. A study by IDC and commissioned by Sage, found the following: 56 percent of small businesses have adopted digital technologies, but the remaining businesses still work in

Business Transformation: Organizations Struggle to Find the Path to Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses aren’t happy with themselves.  A report by KPMG found that 96 percent of businesses say that they need to change, transform and become more innovative. Stephen Hasty, Global Transformation Leader at KPMG International, said that “business transformation can no longer be

Innovation: Trying to Foster Creativity by Applying Metrics

By Dick Weisinger

Everyone talks about innovation and disruption and changes across all industries.  Harvard Business Review reports that established businesses are worried about disruptions and have set up innovation teams to make sure the business remains strong and competitive.  Companies like AIG, Disney

Governments and Digital Innovation: Inserting “Why not Cloud” Thinking into Technology Planning

By Dick Weisinger

Governments, from federal all the way down to state and local, say that improving infrastructure and data centers is their top technology priority in 2015.  That’s a tough problem though because most government budgets have either flatlined or even nose

Digital Businesses Without Borders: Blurred Boundaries Bring Cross-Industry Competition

By Dick Weisinger

Since 2007, Apple is no longer ‘Apple Computer’.  The company is no longer focused on just making personal or business computer.  Apple is a multi-national company that sells both consumer and business electronics with expertise in both hardware and software