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Battery Breakthrough: Rust

By Dick Weisinger

Joe Biden is pushing an agenda that promotes renewable energies like solar and wind. A major roadblock towards achieving greater use of these alternative energies though is the ability to store them during off-peak periods. Improved storage technologies will be

Technology: Improving Solar Cell Efficiency

By Dick Weisinger

Recent research suggests that new materials and designs could lead to dramatic increases in solar cell efficiency. Researchers are closing in on 50 percent solar cell efficiency and new materials and manufacturing techniques may be able to increase that further.

Energy: Can the US Make its Power Grid Resilient?

By Dick Weisinger

The blistering heat wave from the Summer of 2021 has shown that climate change is happening at a rapid pace. The heat wreaked has wreaked havoc on the nation’s power grid. High temperatures make elements of the grid fail or

Security: Speakers and Microphones Causing Disruption and Hacking via Inaudible High Frequencies

By Dick Weisinger

The many high-tech devices with speakers that we interact with daily may be hidden carriers of malware that are disrupting and hacking your life in ways that you didn’t at all expect. Many of the phones and speaker devices that

Nanochips: Injectible Microchips Become a Reality, but Conspiracy Theories Still Improbable

By Dick Weisinger

Last year the conspiracy theory of Bill Gates secretly including tiny microchips in the corona virus vaccine injected into millions of people made the news. It was laughed off by mostly everyone as improbable. And it is. But new nano-sized