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Technology: Gartner Picks Emerging Tech Trends

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner’s Emerging Technology Hype Cycle tries to identify the early-stage technologies that have the potential to be most transformative to businesses in the coming years. The list identifies areas that business executives should consider for potential investment. Melissa Davis, VP

Love Your Admin: SysAdmin Appreciation Day is Tomorrow

By Dick Weisinger

Tomorrow, July 29th and the last Friday in July, is System Administrator Appreciation Day (SAAD), also known as Sysadmin Day. It is an annual event created by Ted Kekatos, systems engineer at Netrix. The event was created to show appreciation

Technology: James Webb Telescope Releases First Images

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last few days, NASA has begun to release photos taken by the recently launched $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). The telescope is a next-generation telescope following the Hubble Space Telescope. JWST is about half the weight

Time: Direct Relationship Between Clock Accuracy and Entropy

By Dick Weisinger

Measuring time isn’t free. Measuring time requires work and researchers have found that as clocks are made more accurate, more work is required, the process gives off more heat, and entropy in the universe increases. Clock accuracy is directly proportional

Graphene: Chalk Up Another Unusual Behavior for this Remarkable Material

By Dick Weisinger

Carbon is considered the most important element to living things because of the many bonds and compounds that it can form. Carbon’s chemistry is what forms a huge body of work known as organic chemistry. There’s a new chapter about