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Shannon Limit: Boosting Capacity of Existing Cable is Limited

By Dick Weisinger

Our increasing consumption of data for Netflix, Zoom meetings, and hundreds of other network services is putting a strain on the cables through which all that data flows. There is a maximum upper-limit capacity for a data channel. It’s called

E-Waste: An Urgent Problem That’s Largely Ignored

By Dick Weisinger

Every year enormous amounts of electronic products are discarded as they are updated with newer and more advanced replacements. Unfortunately, less than 20 percent of discarded electronics are recycled. The surprising fact is that this is happening despite the fact

Protein Folding: Google AI’s AlphaFold to Revolutionize BioEngineering

By Dick Weisinger

At the end of 2020, Google AI announced a program called AlphaFold that they developed to determine the 3D shape of a protein from its amino-acid sequence. The prediction of protein shape is expected to greatly assist life science and

Semiconductors: US Tries to Play Catch-Up

By Dick Weisinger

Shortages in semiconductors used for computers, electronic devices and cars is causing concern for the new Biden administration. A slowdown of chips in the supply chain could slow down growth in the manufacturing industry. In 1990, the US produced 37

Phase Change Memory: Faster Access Time and Lower Power Consumption

By Dick Weisinger

Phase Change Memory (PCM) is a new type of non-volatile computer memory that can respond very quickly, making it competitive with RAM memory, while capable of storing data with very low power requirements. Phase change materials store data as bits