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Technology: Machines Capable of Human Sense

By Dick Weisinger

Machines are learning how to sense. Devices and sensors are enabling machines to be able to mimic how human senses function. The technology will enable the creation of devices that both augment human senses and make machines more capable. Bernie

Technology: Solar Cells Jump in Efficiency

By Dick Weisinger

This summer has seen big breakthroughs in solar technology efficiency. Scientists at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) announced the development of solar cell efficiency of 47 percent. John Geisz, a principal scientist in the High-Efficiency Crystalline Photovoltaics Group

Tech Spending: COVID-19 Forces IT to Shift Priorities and Spending

By Dick Weisinger

Covid-19 concerns and how to address the pandemic has had IT managers’ heads spinning trying to figure out what it all means. Covid-19 is expected to drive an economic slowdown and recession. Normally, recessions would cause IT to pull back

Technology: Intel Shocks by Considering Outsourcing

By Dick Weisinger

Intel has been struggling with further miniaturizations of chips. Initially they announced that the 10-nanometer scale chips would be available in 2017, but only now have they been able to reliably mass produce chips of that size. Next up are

Space: Cleaning Failed and Dead Orbiting Satellites from the Skies

By Dick Weisinger

Space is becoming a junkyard of unusable satellites and debris. Luc Piguet, founder and CEO of ClearSpace, said that “the space debris issue is more pressing than ever before. Today we have nearly 2000 live satellites in space and more