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Internet Trends: Data Volume and Utilization are Growing Rapidly and Broadly

By Dick Weisinger

Mary Meeker, founder of Bond, recently released her annual Internet Trends report. At 333 slides, the report on all aspects of the Internet is comprehensive. Meeker found that: Cloud services revenues of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are collectively closing in

Security: Privacy Rights versus Public Place Security Surveillance

By Dick Weisinger

Facial Recognition technology in public places has been banned in San Francisco. It’s somewhat ironic that one of the highest-density technology hubs would be the first place to put restrictions on the technology. China, on the other hand, has embraced

Semiconductors 2019: Trade Tensions and Supply Glut Cause Declining Revenues

By Dick Weisinger

Trade wars and a glut of semiconductor product is expected to impact semiconductor companies adversely the rest of this year. IDC predicts that semiconductor revenues will decline by 7.2 percent in 2019, to a total of $440 billion. The decline

Data Protection: Do you Know What You Have Agreed to?

By Dick Weisinger

Have you recently read the contents of a privacy notice or software usage agreements? They’re on websites and updated versions come frequently by postal mail. But does anyone read them? It would take someone 244 hours annually to completely read

State of the Internet: Potentially Uplifting, but Crippled with Problems

By Dick Weisinger

An updated report by Mozilla on the state of the Internet finds troubling problems that cause it to categorize the Internet as ‘unhealthy’. The report identifies five areas of concern: Decentralization Digital Inclusion Openness Privacy & Security Web Literacy Another