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Fusion: Sustainable Fusion Projects Advance

By Dick Weisinger

Atomic fusion is the merging of two hydrogen atoms into a single helium atom. It is a process that requires very large amounts of heat and pressure. Fusion occurs naturally on the sun, but so far, humans have been unable

Computing: Creating Organic Chips from Silicon and Human Neurons

By Dick Weisinger

Wetware computing combines human biology with the silicon, plastic, and metals used by traditional semiconductors. A number of businesses and researchers are beginning to use synthetic biology to build computer chips. Neurons from mice and humans are being integrated into

Technology: Low Orbiting Satellites are Changing the Way we Work

By Dick Weisinger

LEOs, or Low Earth Orbit satellites, are satellites flying above the earth at altitudes around 1000 km, with a range of about 500 to 2000 km. LEOs are significantly smaller than traditional satellites and fly at a much lower altitude.

Technology: Building our Future with Carbon

By Dick Weisinger

“Carbon has a very special status in the periodic table of the elements and forms the basis for all forms of life due to the extremely large number of chemical compounds it can form. The most well-known examples are three-dimensional

Graphene: Super Material with Unlimited Applications

By Dick Weisinger

Graphene is being heralded as a new wonder material. Graphene was discovered by researchers in the UK in 2004 and resulted in Nobel prizes for the two investigators in 2010. It is a unique two-dimensional material consisting of a single