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Fusion: Science Edges Closer to Success

By Dick Weisinger

Fusion is the combination of two “light atoms” to form a single bigger atom. Very high temperatures and pressures are needed for the process to happen. A byproduct of fusion is a very large amount of energy. Scientists have been

The Future of Work: What Vision Will Work Best for Businesses, Employees, and Investors?

By Dick Weisinger

COVID-19 has upended the working culture at many businesses. Virtual meetings, restricted travel, and remote work changed how business is done. The COVID-19 experience has spawned countless articles about “the New Normal”. Now that COVID-19 is behind us, what will

Semiconductor Chip Shortage: It May Take a Couple of Years for Supply to Catch Up

By Dick Weisinger

Technology is being adopted in the manufacture of all types of products from automotive to everyday household products. But as demand increases, the supply of chips needed to build high-tech products is growing scarce. There is now a semiconductor chip

Analog: Digital can Help Reimagine the Future of Analog

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses everywhere are in a hurry to transform their analog processes into digital equivalents. But that doesn’t mean the end of all analog devices. In many ways digital is remaking the possibilities of analog. Despite the buildup of digital technology,

Wireless Charging: Freeing Devices From Chargers

By Dick Weisinger

Wireless charging is one of the hottest new technologies and it seems like the logical next step as electronic devices increasingly go wireless. Wireless technology brings with it greater mobility, and has the potential to speed adoption of IoT by