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State of the Internet: Potentially Uplifting, but Crippled with Problems

By Dick Weisinger

An updated report by Mozilla on the state of the Internet finds troubling problems that cause it to categorize the Internet as ‘unhealthy’. The report identifies five areas of concern: Decentralization Digital Inclusion Openness Privacy & Security Web Literacy Another

Omni Users: The Rewards for Supporting the Most Capable Users

By Dick Weisinger

“Omni Users.” It’s a term used by IDG as part of a campaign with CompuCom to describe today’s breed of powerusers. These are users who are most comfortable with the latest technology, whether they are on their job or off.

Wireless Standards: 5G and WiFi6 Rollouts to Promote new Round of Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

Wireless technologies will get an upgrade this year as 5G cellular and WiFi6 (802.11ax) next generation standards begin to be rolled out. Both new standards promise faster speeds, higher density support, and better power efficiency. 5G is a wide-area technology

Technology: On the Edge of Breakthrough in 2019

By Dick Weisinger

Bill Gates recently presented the top 10 technologies for MIT Technology Review that have been simmering for some time and are edging toward major breakthroughs in the very near term. Robot Dexterity – Industrial robots are getting better at picking

Technology: Tech Tools Enabling Sustainability

By Dick Weisinger

New technology tools are being applied to the problem of sustainability. The goal of combining technology with sustainability is to create businesses that minimize damage to our natural world and enable employees and customers to be healthier. How can technology