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Technology: Boring is often Better than Shiny New

By Dick Weisinger

Being an ‘early adopter’ has a sense of coolness about it that can be irresistable for a lot of people. But new technology generally comes with a unique set of glitches, bugs and incompatibilities, that in more cases than not,

Coding: Date-Format Bugs Cause Big Headaches

By Dick Weisinger

The days leading up to January 1, 2020 caused many IT teams worry because on that day the two-digit year abbreviation used for storing dates on many computer systems would roll over from 99 to 00. The date rollover was

AI and New Product Search: Accelerator for Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

In many fields product innovation has historically been one of trial and error. The classic example is Thomas Edison spending 1200 hours testing a range of filaments before finding the right one that could be used to charge an incandescent

Technology: The Next Generation of Electronics will be Soft

By Dick Weisinger

Jie Xu, assistant scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, told Newsweek that “the next generation of electronics is not going to be rigid anymore. It’s going to be soft, comfortable. It can even be biocompatible, like our tissue or skin.” Flexible

Satellite Internet: The Price of Universal Connectivity

By Dick Weisinger

Satellite internet could soon make fast internet access available at almost any location on the earth without the need to lay massive amounts of fibre optic cable. While the technology could vastly improve global communications, it also brings with it