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Why Big Tech Wants AI Regulation

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the world in ways that were once unimaginable. From self-driving cars to facial recognition, AI is enabling new products and services that promise to improve our lives and society. But AI also poses significant challenges

Heritage Algorithms: Bridging the Gap Between Culture and Technology

By Dick Weisinger

Heritage algorithms are a fascinating new field that combines the rigors of science with the infinite possibilities of art and design. These algorithms aim to bridge the gap between humanistic and technical knowledge by blending the abstract rigors of math

Photonics-driven Chat: A Bright Future for AI Conversations

By Dick Weisinger

What if you could talk to an artificial intelligence (AI) that can learn from billions of words and images, and generate responses in real time, using the power of light? This is not a fantasy, but a possibility, thanks to

Can the US Regain Solar Energy Leadership Through Technological Advancements?

By Dick Weisinger

Solar energy has become a battleground for the United States as it seeks to regain ground lost to China in the field of photovoltaic materials and solar panels. Recent debates over tariffs on Asian-manufactured solar panels have highlighted the need

How Next-Generation Technologies Will Shape Our Future

By Dick Weisinger

Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and the next decade will bring unprecedented changes to our lives, work, and society. From artificial intelligence to blockchain, from 5G to biotechnology, the next-generation technologies are transforming every industry and creating new