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Energy: Making Fuel and Plastics from CO2 — The Circular Carbon Economy

By Dick Weisinger

Scientists believe that global warming has been triggered by massive amounts of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere as a result of the burning of fossil fuels. To mitigate the problem, both researchers and industry are investigating how to

Fusion: Sustainable Fusion Projects Advance

By Dick Weisinger

Atomic fusion is the merging of two hydrogen atoms into a single helium atom. It is a process that requires very large amounts of heat and pressure. Fusion occurs naturally on the sun, but so far, humans have been unable

Solar Energy: Capturing Infrared Radiation to Make Nighttime Solar Possible

By Dick Weisinger

Solar energy by definition is energy produced from the sun. Max production is possible on sunny days and can drop to as much as only 10-25 percent of their maximum output on cloudy days. Both the predictability and the non-predictability

Energy: Electricity Production from Renewables Hits an All-Time High

By Dick Weisinger

Renewable energy used in electricity production hit an all-time high in April this year. The percentage of renewables has risen from 8.6% in April 2001 to reach 28% in April 2022. Most of the renewable energies were produced from hydropower,

Electric Utilities: An Industry in Desperate Need of a Data Strategy

By Dick Weisinger

Governments around the world are creating plans to fight climate change by reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Greater use of renewable energies like solar and wind will help us move in the right direction, but renewable energies are certain to