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Fusion Energy: A Leap Forward in Superconductivity

By Dick Weisinger

The quest for practical fusion energy, a clean and virtually limitless power source, has been a scientific dream for decades. Recent advances, particularly in high-temperature superconductivity, have brought us closer to making this dream a reality. At the forefront of

Microsoft’s Bold Bets on AI: Pushing Boundaries and Leaving Competitors Awestruck

By Dick Weisinger

Microsoft is boldly venturing into the future of artificial intelligence (AI) with a series of high-impact bets that showcase the company’s willingness to take risks and push the boundaries. The tech giant’s recent moves include a significant investment in OpenAI,

Emerging Technologies: Innovation from DARQ Power

By Dick Weisinger

Distributed ledgers, AI, extended reality and quantum computing. These are the top four technologies that Accenture has identified as most likely to be the most important and to have the most profound effects. They’ve named this group of technologies DARQ

Emerging Technologies: CEOs not Sure What to Make of New Technologies

By Dick Weisinger

Emerging technologies may have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses work, but despite that, CEOs aren’t so sure that new technology can help them to boost productivity. Gartner says that there’s a problem.  They see a disconnect between what technology