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Algor-ethics: Building Ethical Algorithms

By Dick Weisinger

Trust, ethics, governance. Technology needs to build these qualities into algorithms and their software implementations. A failure to do so is not only a reputational risk to technology companies but also a blow to fairness and decency in society. But

Algorithms: Data can be Goop With Hidden Value like Oil, but Algorithms can Refine it

By Dick Weisinger

“Laws and regulations affecting algorithms and data will be key factors in determining how effectively each nation’s firms will be able to compete in the global algorithmic economy. In particular, the GDPR, the EU’s new privacy law, has diminished, and

Algorithmic Management: Algorithms That Can Manage People

By Dick Weisinger

Algorithmic management is is a system where algorithms rather than humans decide how business operations should be performed. Charles Schwab and Uber are two companies that are already experimenting with the use of algorithmic decision making. Uber’s app, for example,

Blockchain: Unexpectedly Quick Adoption by Banking and Finance

By Dick Weisinger

Banks are taking blockchain, a digital public ledger not even ten years old, very seriously.  90 percent of US, UK and European banks are investigating the technology, according to research by Accenture.  US banks have been especially active. JP Morgan, Wells

Rogue Algorithms: How to Lose Half a $Billion in an Hour

By Dick Weisinger

Software run amuck — that’s what a rogue algorithm is.  It’s software that has been programmed to perform exceptionally well under normal circumstances but which acts in unexpected ways under unusual conditions. Rogue algorithmic trading has been blamed for some