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Semiconductors: Moore’s Law Gets a Reprieve?

By Dick Weisinger

It’s dead. No, it’s alive. Moore’s Law seems to survive despite the annual death knell. Gordon Moore predicted in 1965 that the number of transistors on a computer would double every two years. For more than 50 years the ‘law’

Semiconductors: US CHIPS Act for Expanding Domestic Chip Production

By Dick Weisinger

On July 19th, the Senate voted 64-34 for bipartisan support of the US CHIPS act, a bill designed to pump $54 billion into the US semiconductor development. Competition from China is a major driver for support of the package. The

Semiconductors: Chip Cycle Boom and Bust Timings Accelerate

By Dick Weisinger

For the last year and one half, we’ve heard about the computer chip shortage and how it is affecting the manufacture of everything from automobiles to appliances. A move towards embedding chips into a huge variety of consumer and industrial

Semiconductors: Samsung Vies with TSMC for 3nm Chip Production

By Dick Weisinger

3nm chips will be in production soon. Samsung announced they have begun production of 3nm chips and plan to scale up production later in the year. TSMC is also planning the production of 3nm chips later this year. 3nm chips

AI-Based Chip Design: 1000X Performance Boosts Within Ten Years

By Dick Weisinger

Chip design is undergoing a revolution in capabilities as AI is being integrated into the design process. Chip design automation tools were first introduced in the 1980’s with the introduction of computer-based layout applications. Now, in the 2020’s, AI tools