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Industrial Devices: Riddled with Vulnerabilities

By Dick Weisinger

Just like the consumer products used in your home, electronics used in devices for manufacturing and other industrial purposes contain computer chips that are programmed to perform very specialized tasks. Devices used for controlling industrial equipment are called Operational Technology

Serverless Computing: Barriers Still Exist Which Prevent More Widespread Adoption

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless computing is a kind of nirvana for software developers. It’s a world where there is no worry about operating systems and machine compatibility problems. There is no worry about OS patching and headaches of server maintenance. Upload your code

Data Quality: The Critical Factor for Analytics Success

By Dick Weisinger

Do you trust your data? It’s increasingly easy to tap data into data analytics, machine learning, and other AI tools, but if the data itself is flawed, out of date, or incomplete, the exercise can turn into a classic case

Utilities: Technology Investment Needed to Reinvent the Industry

By Dick Weisinger

The utilities and energy sector has been a notorious laggard in modernizing and keeping pace with new technology. That may begin to change as climate change, energy prices, and energy-grid stress drive utilities to be more efficient in their operations.

Collaboration Tool Governance: Challenges Grow as Apps Proliferate

By Dick Weisinger

During the two-year peak period of the COVID pandemic, businesses’ use of collaboration tools jumped as remote access became the new normal. But this new work style also introduced new complications to how businesses manage their information security and governance.