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Data Quality: Data Reliability Engineers

By Dick Weisinger

The role that data plays in an organization is becoming ever more important. Gartner estimates that poor data quality can be expensive and they assign a cost of $12.9 million as the amount lost by an average company due to

Digital Transformation: Having the Right People on Board Can Make All the Difference

By Dick Weisinger

What’s the key to kickstarting digital transformation in an organization? It’s people, according to Thomas Davenport and Thomas Redman in an article for Harvard Business Review. It’s people with the right skill sets. In particular, it’s people with skillsets in

Fusion: Sustainable Fusion Projects Advance

By Dick Weisinger

Atomic fusion is the merging of two hydrogen atoms into a single helium atom. It is a process that requires very large amounts of heat and pressure. Fusion occurs naturally on the sun, but so far, humans have been unable

Cloud Computing: From Idiocy to Indispensable

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last decade, cloud computing has gone from “idiocy” to “indispensable”. In 2008, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, said that “the interesting thing about cloud computing is that we’ve redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do…

Computing: Creating Organic Chips from Silicon and Human Neurons

By Dick Weisinger

Wetware computing combines human biology with the silicon, plastic, and metals used by traditional semiconductors. A number of businesses and researchers are beginning to use synthetic biology to build computer chips. Neurons from mice and humans are being integrated into