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Open Data: Microsoft Bing Contributes Building Footprint Data to OpenStreetMap

By Dick Weisinger

OpenStreetMap recently released 125 million US building footprints, contributed by Microsoft,  as part of their open available geo-data set.  The work at Microsoft was done as part of the Bing search engine.  OpenStreetMap is a free and editable map of

Open Data: Making Cities Smarter, More Innovative, and More Proactive

By Dick Weisinger

Open Data is the idea that data, particularly data collected by local, state and federal governments, should be made freely available for people to use and republish without any control or copyright restrictions. In the US, cities like Austin and

Open Data and Research: Building a Culture that Encourages Sharing

By Dick Weisinger

More than ever, researchers are sharing their data with others. That’s good news, but sharing data is a tricky proposition. Many businesses that perform research consider their work proprietary and keep their data private in order to gain an edge

Data and Government: The DATA Act – Making Federal Spending Transparent

By Dick Weisinger

The May of 2017, Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (the DATA Act) mandated that data be reported from federal agencies.  That data is collected and is then made available so that the public can begin to track government spending. The

Open Data: Use of Government Open Data Promotes Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

What has been the effect of the use of Open Data by governments?  A new report from the Center for Open Data Enterprise and the Open Data for Development Network examined the use of Open Data by 87 different countries. Findings from the