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The Key to Great Business Ideas? Metrics and Experiments with Small Groups

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses succeed with great ideas. But great ideas are hard to come by, at least great ideas that can achieve expected results. It turns out that the majority of business ideas simply never pan out or actually result in a

Business Intelligence: Using a Data Supply Chain to Focus on Data End Products

By Dick Weisinger

We’re not thinking about data the right way. That’s what Thomas Davenport, business management guru, is telling companies now. Data should be treated like a product within a business and managed much like a physical product supply chain. Businesses need

Technologies Strategic to Business Intelligence

By Dick Weisinger

Dresner Advisory recently released a report on Data Pipelines in 2020 that reports the support technologies most strategic to Business Intelligence. Manufacturing is one of the top three industries that places the highest priority on data integration 80 percent of

Business Intelligence: Citizen Data Science to Become Widespread in Organizations

By Dick Weisinger

Business Intelligence systems are software tools that collect and analyze data to help organizations become more efficient and productive. Recently, Gartner announced their take on the top five trends currently happening in the area of Business Intelligence and Analytics: Augmented

Business Intelligence: Big Data Analysis Needs to be Complemented by Thick Data

By Dick Weisinger

Big Data’s premise is that once huge amounts of data are collected, it’s possible to notice trends and patterns, and those patterns in turn lead to conclusions and predictions about future trends. Big Data’s focus is algorithmic and sterile.  The