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GPS and IoT: A Combination for Innovation

By Dick Weisinger

The inclusion of location and spatial information with other data collected by IoT devices can add significant value. GPS location information provides important tracking information. GPS and IoT are complementary technologies that can be used to build innovative products. Real-time

Connected Vehicles: Smart Cars are Safer and More Efficient

By Dick Weisinger

Automakers are gearing up for a world of connected vehicles. Those vehicles that have access to the Internet, typically via a wireless local area network (WLAN), and are able to bi-directionally communicate with both with cloud services and other vehicles.

IoT and Sensors: Making Monitoring of Transportation Infrastructure More Efficient

By Dick Weisinger

Sensors are essential components of IoT. Sensors capture data like temperature, humidity, pressure, light, and sound, for processing by the IoT device. There are more than 100 different kinds of sensors. One application of IoT is for monitoring infrastructure in

IoT: Slow but Gradual Adoption

By Dick Weisinger

Businesses are setting their sights on adoption of IoT, but the rate of uptake of the technology has been slower than expected. But the promise of IoT is huge. McKinsey estimates that IoT will have an $11 trillion annual economic

AIoT: Giving Brains to Devices

By Dick Weisinger

Devices are evolving. Increasingly devices are being equipped with sensors and attached to the internet. This interconnection of devices with the internet is being called the Internet of Things (IoT). Data collected by sensors on IoT devices is typically sent