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Swarm Intelligence: The Power of Groups Coordinated by AI

By Dick Weisinger

“Two heads are better than one” is a proverb that is being revived in the area of Artificial Intelligence. In AI, the term “Swarm intelligence” refers to the connection of groups of intelligent organisms together into a network that allows

IoT Nutrition Labels: Communicating Security Risks to Consumers

By Dick Weisinger

Privacy and Security are top concerns for users, but if you’re not a techie, evaluating or understanding the intricacies of security might be challenging. Something that is easy to cross your fingers and skip over. Or worse yet when a

5G and IoT Security: Proliferation of Devices Open Huge Attack Edge for Hackers

By Dick Weisinger

Deployment of 5G networks is becoming widespread. The advantages of 5G over 4G include much faster speed and lower latencies compared to 4G. And the capacity of 5G is significantly larger, as much as 20 times, which means that many

Internet of Behaviors (IoB): Streamlining User Interactions but at the Expense of Privacy

By Dick Weisinger

The Internet of Behavior (IoB) extends the concept of connecting many devices to the Internet (Internet of Things) to trying to analyze and understand the effect of connected devices on the people. It is a term created by Gartner. We

Satellite IoT: Enabling Ubiquitous Tracking on Ground and Sea

By Dick Weisinger

Compact, low-power, low-cost IoT sensors make it possible to collect in-the-field data to measure almost anything, like machinery usage, air and water quality, climate, and other environmental data. Sensors though are only one part of the picture. The trickier part