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NoSQL: Businesses Migrate to More Agile ‘New Stack’ Technologies

By Dick Weisinger

As data sizes grow, many businesses are evaluating whether they should migrate their RDBMS databases to NoSQL. Not all, but many existing RDBMS installed databases are proprietary and expensive. Most NoSQL databases are open source and cheaper. RDBMS databases are

NewSQL Databases: Modernizing Traditional Relational Databases

By Dick Weisinger

Databases where created as a way for developers to separate data from code. Relational and SQL database technology has been around since the 70’s and 80’s as an efficient tool for storing structured data. Now, 40 years and millions of

NoSQL Databases: Niche Tools Slowly Taking Their Place in the Enterprise

By Dick Weisinger

NoSQL databases store and retrieve data using techniques other keeping data in structured tabular format like that used in traditional relational databases.  Compared to relational databases, NoSQL databases are often simpler in design, can scale more flexibly, and enable very

NoSQL: The Rise of Graph Databases

By Dick Weisinger

Graph databases manage maps of interconnections between objects.  With the rise of Social Media, Graph databases are increasingly being used because they are a natural fit for modeling things like interconnected web links, recommendations, tags, and friend and contact relationships.