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Serverless Computing: Coding with a Worry-Free Infrastructure Environment

By Dick Weisinger

More than half of companies are using some form of serverless computing, according to a survey by Forrester. Serverless computing provides backend services on an on-demand basis. Users can focus on writing and deploying code without needing to worry about

Serverless Computing: Letting Developers Focus on Code and Business Leaders Focus on Value

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless computing is a computing environment where developers can write software without needing to know the details of the server where the software will ultimately run. In general, developers don’t need to know server specs, storage, clustering or any configurations.

Serverless Computing: Are Containers ‘Stupid’?

By Dick Weisinger

From on-premise server hardware racks, to virtual machines, to cloud computing, and then containers, serverless computing is the next step forward in the evolution of IT infrastructure. Lately there have been questions about which is better: containers or serverless.  James

Serverless Computing: Re-engineering the Cloud to be ‘Serverless’

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless computing doesn’t mean that there aren’t servers.  It means that the infrastructure needed to be provisioned in order to run computing jobs is automatic.  The focus is on the application or service and not on the server hardware or

Serverless Computing: Saving Money by Removing Hardware Resources from the Equation

By Dick Weisinger

In the early days of cloud computing people described it like a utility: you can scale it up or down at a moments notice and are billed  foronly as many compute cycles that you actually use.  But in reality, what often happens is that