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Serverless Computing: Barriers Still Exist Which Prevent More Widespread Adoption

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless computing is a kind of nirvana for software developers. It’s a world where there is no worry about operating systems and machine compatibility problems. There is no worry about OS patching and headaches of server maintenance. Upload your code

Serverless Computing: How to Pay for Just the Compute Cycles You Actually Use

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless Computing (or Function-as-a-Service — FaaS) is estimated to be a nearly $8 billion market by analyst firm Markets and Markets. The serverless market is growing at an annual rate of 25 percent. Serverless has the advantage of lower setup

Serverless: Lower Cost, Fewer Infrastructure Worries, and Simplicity for Developers

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless computing is one of the fastest growing areas of cloud computing. More than 40 percent of organizations queries by an O’Reilly survey had started using serverless, and of those, more than half have only started using serverless over the

Serverless Computing: The Promise of Flexibility and Scalability in Exchange for More Complex Management

By Dick Weisinger

Serverless computing is effectively a function-as-a-service capability. IDC analysts conclude that serverless can make developers more productive and lead to lower costs, resulting in a return on investment of more than 400 percent. Serverless computing is flexible, cheap and highly

Serverless Computing: Coding with a Worry-Free Infrastructure Environment

By Dick Weisinger

More than half of companies are using some form of serverless computing, according to a survey by Forrester. Serverless computing provides backend services on an on-demand basis. Users can focus on writing and deploying code without needing to worry about