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WiFi 6: Faster, Better Connectivity, More Secure

By Dick Weisinger

WiFi 6-capable devices have begun rolling out this year. New iPads and iPhone from Apple, for example, will come with the technology. More laptops, smartphones and other devices will likely include it in new products.

One big advantage of WiFi 6 is speed. WiFi 5 speed was 3.5 Gbps, but WiFi 6 will have a max speed of 9.6 Gbps. Connectivity is also improved. When WiFi was introduced, homes typically had five devices connected to the internet. That’s grown to nine today. And the number of connected devices is expected to grow to fifty in just a few years.

WiFi 6 is able to manage more devices simultaneously on the same network while keeping the connections to the devices strong. That’s compared to WiFi 5 which can be easily overwhelmed as the number of connected devices on the network increase.

In most cases, the upgrade to WiFi 6 for people will be incremental. You’ll need to have the WiFi 6 router for devices to be able to take advantage of it. But you’ll also need all new devices because it’s only been included in some electronic products since this year. As devices are replaced, you’ll gradually be able to take advantage of WiFi 6.

Other benefits of WiFi 6 include less need for devices to communicate with the router, which can improve battery life. WiFi 6 will also use WPA3 protocol which includes security improvements.

But things are always changing. For example, the FCC recently approved the expansion of WiFi into the 6 GHz bandwidth in the US. To take advantage of the additional spectrum, an even newer version of WiFi 6 called WiFi 6E is being rolled out. WiFi 6E may be able to have speeds even faster than 5G. And the spectrum covered by WiFi 6E will be increased by five times.

Andrew Zignani, principal analyst at ABI Research, said that “to date, the adoption of Wi-Fi 6 has predominantly been driven by smartphones. However, we expect significant traction to build within the IoT, infrastructure, and automotive markets throughout 2020 and beyond. This growth will be further driven by power- and cost-optimized chipsets such as NXP’s latest offerings, which will increase the viability of Wi-Fi for these other applications and help open up all new opportunities for the technology.”

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3 comments on “WiFi 6: Faster, Better Connectivity, More Secure
  1. Steve Daniel says:

    Yes, I agree with all above discussed benefits of wireless connectivity. If someone remembers that when Bluetooth installed cell phones comes in the market and we all used Bluetooth to transfer our files and folders. After some time we got news that turn off your Bluetooth options in your cell phones when you don;t use it. Bluetooth can be access and hackers can access your cell phone gallery through Bluetooth. Now our WiFi ports and devices has ports to up and down data. Hackers can reach in your system and computers through WiFi ports. Even if you are connected with a network which is wired like Ethernet cables, and If Ethernet cable is bad or low quality, your devices also can be access by Hackers. Now a days in the market Cat6 Plenum is in trending in the Ethernet cable market. Always use high quality cables in your network to escape from the hackers.

  2. Braden Martin says:

    Wifi technology keeps advancing rapidly and it’s interesting to see what each version has to offer. Business wifi on the other hand is a must for all organizations and local shops as well, so that they can provide secure connectivity to employees and customers separately.

  3. Office Wiring Auckland says:

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