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Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Technologies:

By Dick Weisinger

Cognitive technology attempts to mimic the functioning on the human brain by using language processing, deep learning, computer vision, data mining and pattern recognition. A recent report from Deloitte on cognitive technologies looks at how businesses are adopting them.  Of

Artificial Intelligence: AI to Become Pervasive in All Aspects of Business and Everyday Lives

By Dick Weisinger

AI is beginning to touch all aspects of our lives.  From digital assistants like Alexa and Siri to automated interfaces and product recommendations. John Roese, CTO of Dell Technologies, recently told attendees at a Dell Technology conference to “think about

Artificial Intelligence: AI Usage Patterns by AI Pioneers

By Dick Weisinger

An MIT Sloan study of more than 3000 global organizations and their use of AI identified four groups of adopters: Pioneers Investigators Experimenters Passives The groups called Pioneers are those that have a good understanding of AI and have AI

AI and Machine Learning Chip Sets: Is the Battle Against FPGAs and ASICs one that GPUs Ultimately Cannot Win?

By Dick Weisinger

GPUs have sped the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence in recent years.  GPUs are bandwidth optimized to be able to do large amounts of matrix multiplication and convolution.  CPUs are highly programmable and not as specialized in what

Artificial Intelligence: The Replacement to Moore’s Law is Data

By Dick Weisinger

Gordon Moore noted in a 1965 paper that the density of integrated circuits doubled about every two years.  The rest is history.  Moore’s law proved to be remarkably accurate to even this day.  The current pace is closer to every