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Digital Twins: Data Models for Non-destructively Simulating Objects and Systems

By Dick Weisinger

As both software and hardware technologies advance, so does our ability to model and simulate the world around us digitally.  Digital twins pair a computer simulation of a physical object with an actual object or system.  Computer simulation is nondestructive

Humans and Technology: Transforming Us for the Better?

By Dick Weisinger

Gartner recently outlined five areas where technology is transforming humanity. Mike J. Walker, research vice president at Gartner, said that “business and technology leaders will continue to face rapidly accelerating technology innovation that will profoundly impact the way they engage

Intelligent Automation: KPMG Urges Businesses to Adopt a Digital-First Operating Model

By Dick Weisinger

Automation and Artificial Intelligence.  There have been reports of stunning success with the application of these technologies, but there also has been a sizable number of disappointments and failure with projects. KPMG has identified what they call the Intelligent Automation

Neuromorphic Chips: Building Intelligent Systems that are ‘Always On’

By Dick Weisinger

Neuromorphic chips are designed to mimic the computing pathways and characteristics of neurons in the brain.  The idea of modeling computers on the workings of human brains isn’t new.  Scientists made early attempts in the 1980’s using analog circuitry. Standard

Artificial Intelligence: Using Light and Optics to Advance State-of-the-Art AI

By Dick Weisinger

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms currently require training, and lot’s of it. Lots and lots of data, and lots and lots of computer cycle crunching. Often days or weeks of time are needed. Some researchers are investigating better ways