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Artificial Intelligence: Businesses Begin to Take on AI Projects

By Dick Weisinger

Where can we expect from advances being made in data and machine intelligence technologies?  That’s what a new report from Cowen and Company recently investigated. The report found widespread interest in Artificial Intelligence across the IT departments in many companies.

CEO Values: Technology to Become More Important than Workers?

By Dick Weisinger

“Every company is a technology company, no matter what product or service it provides. The companies that embrace this fact are the ones that shape our world,” wrote Stephenie Stone for Forbes, CIO at M+W Group. CEOs are getting the message.

Artificial Intelligence: Smart Machines Pose Both Threat and Opportunity for Workers

By Dick Weisinger

Robotics and new Artificial Intelligence technologies like Deep Learning may mean that jobs with many repetitive tasks that are currently being done by humans will be replaceable by machines in the not too distant future. Stephen Prentice, vice-president and Gartner analyst, said that

Artificial Intelligence: Creation of the GPU Open Analytics Initiative (GAOI)

By Dick Weisinger

GPU (Graphic Processing Units) are specialized computer chips that are revolutionizing the area of artificial intelligence (AI).  Their original purpose may have been for speeding up graphic displays on monitors, but applications of GPU chips have become far reaching.  GPU

Natural Language Generation (NLG): Enabling Computers to Speak Up

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being applied to enable two-way interactions between humans and computers. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of computers to parse and interpret human speech and writing in order determine what question or directive a human is posing.