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Artificial Intelligence (AI): What Could Go Wrong?

By Dick Weisinger

Elon Musk has warned about the long-term possibility of artificial intelligence can be seriously be harmful to humans.  How can Artificial Intelligence be used responsibly? Can things like decency, fairness and morals be programmed into AI algorithms? I think the

Intelligent Automation (IA): AI Drives IA, Bringing Efficiencies and Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

By Dick Weisinger

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the use of computers and robotics to replace repetitive tasks.  Technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are driving rapid advancements in automation.  IA is expected to bring with it dramatic changes in the near future.  For example:

Content Management and Artificial Intelligence: Changing People’s Engagement with Content

By Dick Weisinger

Content Management systems are central repositories for enterprise and organizational data.  These huge repositories of data can be thought of as “information lakes”.  Data repositories are expected to grow enormously as businesses increase the amount of data and content that

Artificial Intelligence: AI to be Part of or Touch Every Product we Purchase

By Dick Weisinger

Vendors are always aware of what new technologies are hot, and most or very many want to be part of the new trends to stay relevant.  But vendors often bend their sales promotion to match these trends even when the

Megatrends: AI, Augmented/Virtual Reality, and Digital Platform Technologies to Drive Digital Economy

By Dick Weisinger

Which of the many technologies that we see in headlines daily are likely to have the biggest impact on our business and our lives over the next five years?  Gartner says that there are three technologies or “megatrends” that are