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Artificial Intelligence and Finance: FSB Warns that use of High-Speed Machine Trading Comes with Risk

By Dick Weisinger

The Financial Stability Board recently warned that a race among financial businesses to adopt AI may end up in a bad way. While AI has the potential for these businesses to cut their costs and also to allow them to

Artificial Intelligence Databases: Speeding Training for Machine and Deep Learning

By Dick Weisinger

One of Artificial Intelligence’s biggest roadblocks is data preparation and training.¬† Collecting and cleaning data and then training software on data to recognize patterns and develop some amount of insight takes a lot of time. New techniques to speed up

Artificial Intelligence: Reimagining the Brain

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are becoming sophisticated enough to challenge humans at nearly every task. Do we humans have a reason to worry? There is no consensus among futurists. For those that are optimistic, there are a lot of things

Cloud Computing: AI and Machine Learning Workloads Growing Most Quickly

By Dick Weisinger

Despite worries of security, businesses are moving their data to the cloud.  But concerns are reducing. A survey by MIT Management Review sponsored by Google found that nearly three-quarters of businesses said that their confidence in cloud security had improved.

Artificial Intelligence: What Will Algorithms Teach Us?

By Dick Weisinger

Artificial Intelligence took a giant leap forward recently with new research announced by Google. The new algorithm is self-learning  and tries to solve problems by assigning rewards and penalties based no the results of each trial. AI algorithms typically work