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Program Synthesis: Software that Writes Itself

By Dick Weisinger

Can AI algorithms ever take over the role of software engineers? It may be a long ways away, but researchers are trying to teach computers to write software, a task that they’re calling ‘Program Synthesis’ or ‘Automated Programming’. Rajeev Alur,

Data Anonymity: Current Techniques Don’t Work

By Dick Weisinger

The success of an AI algorithm can often be attributed to extensive training based on massive amounts of data. Data collected from individuals is often sanitized in order to protect the privacy of the people from whom the data was

Augmented Intelligence: Getting Humans to Work More Effectively with Machines

By Dick Weisinger

AI usually refers to Artificial Intelligence. But some are saying that a different AI, Augmented Intelligence, is likely to be as important or possibly more important. The goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create machines that mimic human intelligence. This

Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge of Getting Started

By Dick Weisinger

The results some businesses have seen by applying AI have been stunning, but then for others just trying to get started with AI, the results have been mixed. Interest in AI is running very high. A report by Gartner found

AI at the Edge: Edge Computing will Ultimately Trump the Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Building a platform to support AI for devices at the Edge has the potential to be a bonanza for vendors, says Dan Woods, CEO and founder of Evolved Media. He contends that ultimately Edge Computing, rather than Cloud Computing, will