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Artificial Intelligence: Best ROI Comes When AI is Applied to Existing Digital Use Cases

By Dick Weisinger

Your investment in artificial intelligence (AI) has the highest probability of paying off if you can select a use case to apply it that already exists and where the data involved is digital, according to a report by McKinsey. Michael

Artificial Intelligence: The Booms and Busts of AI Hype

By Dick Weisinger

“The Honeymoon is Over!” declared Forrester in a recent report.  Not that they are finding fault with the long-term potential of  AI technology, but that Forrester thinks the technology has expectations set so high that it is certain to disappoint

GDPR and Artificial Intelligence: AI Vendors Tread Carefully not to be Ensnared by GDPR Rules

By Dick Weisinger

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules went to last Friday, May 25th.  From the deluge of email sent by businesses just prior to the deadline to update you on revised privacy policy, you probably didn’t miss that.  Despite

Worldwide AI Spending: Digital Transformation Powered by AI Goes Global

By Dick Weisinger

“Interest and awareness of AI is at a fever pitch. Every industry and every organisation should be evaluating AI to see how it will affect their business processes and go-to-market efficiencies,”  said David Schubmehl, research director at IDC. Global spending on Artificial

Artificial Intelligence: Over the Next Decade Technology to Transform the Workplace

By Dick Weisinger

By 2030, compared to workers in 2018, technology will enable workers to be more mobile, more productive and more capable, according to a new survey on technology in the future workplace by Dell. Karen Quintos, Chief Customer Officer at Dell,