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File Formats: The Controversy Of PDF/A

By Dick Weisinger

The PDF/A file format is a standardized version of PDF that specially designed to be able to archive and store electronic documents for long periods. The format covers the color management, embedded fonts and annotations for PDF/A file viewers. The

Unstructured Data: Processes Shift from Transactional to Data-Centric

By Dick Weisinger

Data has vaulted to the thing that businesses now say is the most important for their companies, after customers and employees. Increasingly businesses are being swamped with the collection huge amounts of unstructured data. Piysh Kumar Chowhan, CIO at Arvind

Emerging Technology: Dark Analytics for Understanding Unstructured Data Tops List

By Dick Weisinger

Extracting and analyzing unstructured data to derive actionable information is ranked by Deloitte as the most important on-going emerging technology, something that they are calling “Dark Analytics“. The Deloitte report found that “in a business climate where data is competitive currency,

Unstructured Data: A Goldmine of Information Waiting to be Mined

By Dick Weisinger

Unstructured data refers to documents and files made up of freeform information. Information from unstructured data is difficult to retrieve because it is typically dense in text and has no pre-defined data model like a database schema, XML or JSON

Unstructured Data: Average Large-Medium Sized Companies Manage 20 Terabytes of Unstructured Data

By Dick Weisinger

Unstructured data is free-form information.  There is no data model or schema that defines how it is to be organized or formatted.  Unstructured data is often text-heavy.  Good examples of unstructured data include office documents, PDF files and emails. A recent