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Unstructured + Structured Data: The Challenge of Seeing the Two in Context

By Formtek

Analysts estimate that 80 percent of all new data created is unstructured data.  It’s this crushing amount of data that is driving much of the interest behind Big Data tools like Hadoop.  Extracting information from unstructured data is a big part of the

Data Storage: Bit Rot Threatens to Leave Behind a Digital Dark Age

By Dick Weisinger

Vint Cerf, a “father of the Internet” and now Google Vice President, is warning that we’re at risk of losing massive amounts data to future generations.  Our current culture might well become a “digital dark age” mystery to historians. Cerf

Unstructured Data: Using Analytics to Make Sense of Dark Data’s Secrets

By Dick Weisinger

Unstructured data is electronic information that isn’t rigidly divided into small bits of data and stored in data structures like the tables of a database or the elements of an XML document.  Because of that, unstructured data is difficult to