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Artificial and Natural Intelligence: Will Future AI Act as Human Avatars?

By Dick Weisinger

Natural Intelligence (NI) is biological DNA-based brain power. It is the wisdom that humans have evolved, developed, and passed down through generations.

Contrast Natural Intelligence with man-made Artificial Intelligence. An essay in Scientific American depicts AI as a human avatar or the next evolutionary form of humans. Avi Loeb, a science professor at Harvard and author, wrote that “even though our roots stem from a soup of chemicals on early Earth, there should be no nostalgia attached to our beginnings nor to our current evolutionary phase. The future belongs to AI systems that through machine learning will supersede natural intelligence. AI systems could roam through interstellar space and last longer than stars, representing the ultimate winners of Darwin’s survival of the fittest. “

But it seems unlikely that AI will ever become smarter than humans if we can’t even fully understand how the brains of animals work. Will we really make something that is better or at least more intelligent?

To improve the capabilities of current AI, some researchers and companies are now trying to build AI that mimics the brains of animals.

James Marshall, chief scientific officer at Opteran, said that “imitating the brain to develop AI is an old idea, going back to Alan Turing. Deep learning, on the other hand, is based on a cartoon of a tiny part of the primate brain visual cortex that ignores the vast complexity of a real brain… modern neuroscience techniques are increasingly being applied to give the information we need to faithfully reverse engineer how real brains solve the problem of autonomy.”

Marshall said that if we can “reverse– or re-engineer nature’s algorithms, we may be able to create a software brain that enables machines to perceive, behave, and adapt more like natural creatures.”

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