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Artificial Intelligence: Moore’s Law Combined with AI and Applied to Everything will Make us All Rich

By Dick Weisinger

Moore’s Law says that every two years that the number of transistors packed onto a dense integrated circuit will double. Since 1975, Moore’s Law has held relatively true. We may be running into technologic barriers that will prevent it from going much further, but after 45 years, computer circuitry has come an amazingly long ways.

What would the implications be if Moore’s Law could be applied to other things — or to everything? What if everything could become two times better over the course of two years? That’s what Sam Altman, CEO at OpenAI, is proposing might be the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Sam Altman wrote that “‘Moore’s Law for everything’ should be the rallying cry of a generation whose members can’t afford what they want. It sounds utopian, but it’s something technology can deliver (and in some cases already has). Imagine a world where, for decades, everything–housing, education, food, clothing, etc.–became half as expensive every two years.”

“A great future isn’t complicated: we need technology to create more wealth, and policy to fairly distribute it. Everything necessary will be cheap, and everyone will have enough money to be able to afford it. As this system will be enormously popular, policymakers who embrace it early will be rewarded: they will themselves become enormously popular.”

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