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Cloud Computing: 5 Cloud Trends

By Dick Weisinger

Over the last 13 years since Amazon released the Elastic Compute Cloud, cloud computing has reshaped the landscape of IT departments. Today’s businesses are pushing the capabilities of the cloud as they attempt to transform themselves into ‘digital businesses’. What

Cloud Computing: Continued Strong Yearly Growth Expected

By Dick Weisinger

$214.3 billion — that’s the estimated size of the global public services market size for 2019, according to Gartner, a 17.5 percent increase from 2018. SaaS is a large part of the number, roughly $95 billion. Sid Nag, research vice

Cloud Computing: Cloud Sprawl Forces Businesses towards Governance

By Dick Weisinger

Enterprises have accepted the cloud. 94 percent of them are using cloud computing, according to a survey by Flexera. But, on average, five or more cloud providers are used. The typical cloud portfolio has become a sprawl of services, often

Cloud Computing: The Big Nine

By Dick Weisinger

Nine vendors are dominating the cloud ecosystem in the US, according to recent research from Synergy Research Group. Of those nine vendors, the top four are Microsoft, Amazon/AWS, Dell EMC and IBM. Synergy measured seven different cloud services and infrastructure

Cloud Computing: Complexity Crisis Brewing for Enterprises Using Cloud Computing

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud makes It and computing simple right?  No infrastructure to manage. No upgrades. Crank it up or crank it down based on your needs.  The cloud is supposed to make computing efficient and easy. The problem is that for