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Ambient Computing: Invisible Computers Ready to Fulfill Our Every Need

By Dick Weisinger

Ambient Computing is about removing direct interactions with a computer. It about computing that happens without the user even aware that a computer was involved. For better or worse, ambient computing is part of a campaign by technology companies to

Oracle Teams Up With Microsoft: On the Road to Multi-Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Microsoft and Oracle are no longer enemies. Much of that has to do with the change in leadership at Microsoft from Steve Ballmer to Satya Nadella. The earlier days of Microsoft were aggressive when it marked its competitors as ‘enemies’.

Cloud Computing: Nimbleness Wins Out Over Costs

By Dick Weisinger

There’s a lot of ways that businesses can save money by moving to the cloud. The ability to scale up or down means that you only need to pay for the servers and services that you actually use. There is

Sovereign Cloud: Key to Secure Local Control of Data or Threat to Cloud Business Operating at Scale?

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud data sovereignty is the idea that data should abide by the laws of the country where the data originated from and is associated with. Under data sovereignty, data associated with citizens of Germany, for example, should reside on storage

Cloud Computing: Trends in 2022

By Dick Weisinger

The last two decades have seen stunning growth in the Internet. How can we expect the cloud to evolve going forward? Gartner highlights four major cloud trends to look for in the near future: Cloud Ubiquity – This trend seems