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Cloud Computing: The Hero of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Dick Weisinger

The global cloud computing market size is forecast to balloon to $761 billion by 2027, according to a report by Insights and Forecast. The analyst firm Canalys estimates that globally $107 billion was spent on cloud infrastructure in 2019, 37

Cloud Computing: Pandemic Accelerating Digital Transformation

By Dick Weisinger

Millions of students and employees have been sent home to work. The connection between these at-home workers and their organizations is increasingly being facilitated by the cloud. Andres Rodriguez, CTO and co-founder of Nasuni, said that “I don’t think any

Cloud Computing Governance: Getting a Grip on Spending

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud Computing makes IT life a lot easier in a number of ways, but one exception is in the area of governance. Keeping track of and efficiently utilizing cloud services, particularly when multiple cloud vendors are involved can be challenging.

Data Dispersal: Where is Your Data?

By Dick Weisinger

In order to secure data, you first need to know where it is, and that has become increasingly challenging, according to a report by McAfee. Businesses are migrating their data from on-premise to cloud services. Data is sprawls across multiple

Cloud Computing: The Next Wave is Application Modernization

By Dick Weisinger

In 2020, the combination of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS public cloud market is expected to grow $300 billion, according to Forrester. Forrester said that “enterprises are just now starting to use cloud to modernize core business apps and processes; to