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Cloud Computing: Alibaba versus AWS

By Dick Weisinger

When you think of the competitors to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform come immediately to mind. But there’s another growing competitor that is coming from China: Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba was founded in 2009, just a few years after

Cloud Computing: Becoming the Norm Rather than the Exception

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud computing is gradually becoming the norm rather than the exception across most workplaces. The results of IDG’s 2020 Cloud Computing Study found: Only 8 percent of businesses say that they host all applications on-premise with nothing running in the

Cloud Complexity: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architectures Make Security Harder

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud computing may be easy to get started with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the security of the cloud infrastructure is also easy. A major vulnerability of businesses is incorrectly configured security settings. And that difficulty is compounded by

Cloud Computing: Applying Elasticity to Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud Electronic Design Automation (EDA) refers to cloud-based tools for designing complex large-scale circuits used by aerospace, healthcare, automotive and other companies. The cloud EDA market size is currently a $6.5 billion market and is growing at an annual rate

Cloud Computing: Expect Headaches with Multi-Cloud Applications

By Dick Weisinger

Cloud latency refers to slowdown that occur when sending and receiving data across the cloud. Apps that are running on the same service, like AWS or Azure, typically have no need to use the network outside their services and are