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Sustainability and the Cloud: It’s a Dream — It can be Improved, but It will Never be Truly Sustainable

By Dick Weisinger

It can be hard to argue that cloud computing is beneficial to the environment. After all, technology of all kinds use massive amounts of electricity and generate massive amounts of discarded electronic waste. But when cloud computing is compared to

Cloud Computing: Cloud Spending Continues to Power Past On-Premise Spending

By Dick Weisinger

Spending on Cloud Computing is trouncing the amount of money being spent on maintaining on-premise data centers. A report by Synergy found that companies expect to spend 52 percent more this year on the cloud compared to just 2 percent

Cloud Computing: AWS and Azure Vie for Market Share as Total Size Balloons

By Dick Weisinger

The cloud computing infrastructure services market is slowly becoming a two way race. Amazon AWS has consistently held onto a little less of one third of the total market, and Microsoft Azure is gradually taking market share from smaller service

Cloud Computing: A Huge Market Poised to Become ‘Huger’

By Dick Weisinger

Statistics. You can’t always trust the numbers which can be twisted to prove whatever you like. What about cloud statistics? Most statistics in headlines hype the exponential speed at which businesses are moving their IT workloads to the cloud: 88

Cloud Computing: Continued Strong Growth Throughout 2021

By Dick Weisinger

The global public Cloud Computing infrastructure market is expected to grow 35 percent in 2021, according to Forrester Research. Similarly, Gartner predicts that global public cloud spending by end-users will grow 18 percent and reach $305 billion. Sid Nag, research