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Bots: Hackers Program Bots to be Smarter and more Resilient

By Dick Weisinger

Malicious bots are doing blockchain. Researchers at Akamai have discovered a type of bot that can automatically update itself with new versions of software and new mother ship location information. Bots can interact with cron or system scheduling systems and

Cybersecurity and Cyber-resiliency: Proactive and Reactive Planning

By Dick Weisinger

Cybersecurity and cyber-resilience. What’s the difference? Cybersecurity is about protecting computer infrastructure from hacking and damage. It is all about prevention and is often enforced with strong authentication, encryption, layered security, and the securing of applications. Cyber-resiliency is the management

Cyber Hygiene: Seven Steps to Avoid Malware and Hackers

By Dick Weisinger

Cyberhygiene is the protection of access points for devices connected to a network. Appropriate security measures will monitor and protect computers, laptops, networks, printers, and operating systems from malware and other attacks that might attempt to breach security. Ali Dehghantanha,

Data Protection: Embedding Data with Intelligence to make it Self-Secure

By Dick Weisinger

Data protection isn’t easy. The endless list of breaches that occur and expose many thousands and millions of data records is a reminder of just that. Elliot Lewis, CEO at Keyavi Data, said that “cybersecurity technologies have been overly focused

Cybersecurity: Users Stressed by Constant News of Data Hacks and Breaches

By Dick Weisinger

People are getting stressed out by worries of hacking and cyber threats. A Kaspersky Lab report found that 81 percent of Americans feel stressed every time they see news about data breaches. Heidi Hanna, executive director of the American Institute of