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Natural Language Processing: Enterprises Tap AI to Improve Internal and External Communication

By Dick Weisinger

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to process, understand and generate human text and speech. NLP technology is being used with chatbots, smart machines, and language translation applications. Walt Kristick, senior vice president at apexanalytix,

Voice Search: Voice Input Improves Speed and Usability of Search

By Dick Weisinger

Search continues to evolve. Voice search is now becoming an important way to initiate searches. Search assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana are popularizing its use.  Voice search is quick and the results are surprisingly accurate. 20 percent of searches now

Search and Insight Engines: Enterprise Search Assistants for Navigating Business Content

By Dick Weisinger

Next-generation enterprise search engines are being called ‘insight engines’ by Gartner.  Insight engines provide “more-natural access to information for knowledge workers and other constituents in ways that enterprise search has not.” What makes Insight Engines better than the way enterprise search

Enterprise Search: Incorporating Machine Learning and Predictive Algorithms to Gain Relevance

By Dick Weisinger

Search for documents and data within the enterprise has been tough.  A survey by SearchYourCloud found that people would spend between five and 25 minutes everytime they needed to look for a document. Much of the problem has been that

Enterprise Search: Despite Benefits, Few Organizations Use Enterprise Search

By Dick Weisinger

Despite the fact that nearly three quarters of organizations say that enterprise search is vital to their productivity, effectiveness and compliance, only 11 percent are using it, according to an AIIM-sponsored study. Without enterprise search capability, search is typically available only