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Ethics in Social Media: Can Algorithms Maximize User Best Interest Instead of Company Profitability?

By Dick Weisinger

Social media increasingly comes under fire because of issues related to privacy and ethics. It has been criticized for spreading misinformation and encouraging addictive and anti-social behaviors. Some have pointed to the weak privacy controls on these sites as enablers

Social Networking: The Fediverse Tries to Break Free from Big Tech

By Dick Weisinger

Mark Zuckerburg says that the future of Facebook and Social Networking is the Metaverse. But others are saying that there’s an alternative that might arrive first: the Fediverse. The Federverse (‘Federation’ + ‘Universe’) is a collection of social networking apps

Social Media: Is There a Vaccine Against Misinformation?

By Dick Weisinger

Misinformation funneled through social media has run rampant and become a serious problem. Most Americans feel that misinformation is a major threat, according to a survey by the Pew Center. The solution to social-media misinformation isn’t fact checking. “The word

Decentralized Social: Can Blockchain Realistically Take on FaceBook and Twitter?

By Dick Weisinger

FaceBook, Twitter, and Google are some of the biggest tech players that have built successful social media platforms. These platforms have in many ways improved our lives and made it easier for anyone to contribute and comment on just about

Computational Propaganda: 70+ Governments use Social Media to Manipulate Opinion

By Dick Weisinger

Social media is increasingly being manipulated as a tool for political propaganda. Evidence of manipulation of media in more than 70 different countries by at least one government agency or political party, according to research by the Oxford Internet Institute.