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Computational Propaganda: 70+ Governments use Social Media to Manipulate Opinion

By Dick Weisinger

Social media is increasingly being manipulated as a tool for political propaganda. Evidence of manipulation of media in more than 70 different countries by at least one government agency or political party, according to research by the Oxford Internet Institute.

Future of the Internet: Misinformation and Loss of Control of Personal Data Pose Threats

By Dick Weisinger

Twenty-eight years after proposing and then prototyping the internet, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has posted a warning about dangers that are potentially destabilizing the technology. His three main worries are: Loss of control of personal data Consumers have lost control of their personal

Social Media Compliance: Businesses Snagged By Social Media Violations

By Dick Weisinger

Many businesses today are now using social media accounts to communicate directly with their customers.  Facebook, Twitter and company blogs are some of the most common social tools businesses use.  While businesses are finding that it’s easy to get started

SMAC: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud

By Dick Weisinger

Convergence of new technologies.  IDC calls it the ‘Third Platform’.  Gartner refers to the “Nexus of Forces“.  Forrester talks about the Mobile Mind Shift.  Yet another term or buzzword, and one that is used frequently by CapGemini,   is SMAC

Social Media: Dissecting and Analyzing the Complete Twitter Stream

By Dick Weisinger

Twitter has announced that it is funding a Laboratory for Social Machines (LSM) at MIT initially with $10 million.  LSM will run as a five-year project that is dedicated to analyzing a complete archive of Twitter content, including every tweet ever