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Blockchain: The Etherium Merge has Shipped and GPU prices are Dropping

By Dick Weisinger

Last week, September 15th, marked the completion of the Etherium cryptocoin’s ‘Merge‘. Etherium has migrated from a Proof-of-Work model to a Proof-of-Stake model. With ‘Proof-of-Work’, Etherium ‘miners’ needed to use massive amounts of computer cycles to derive new Etherium coins.

Blockchain Disruption: Cryptocurrency will be ‘Solid Alternative’ or Substitute for Fiat Money in 5-10 Years

By Dick Weisinger

Cryptocurrencies are on track to replace fiat government-issued currencies within ten years according to separate predictions by Deloitte and Deutsche Bank. The Deloitte report found that “the end of physical money as we know it represents an overdue — and

Blockchain: Financial Services Being Forced to Redefine Themselves

By Dick Weisinger

The rise in popularity of Bitcoin and other crypto coins and currencies is getting business and government to reevaluate crypto and how they should address it. Financial service companies in particular worry that cryptocurrencies could be a threat to their

Blockchain and Encryption: The Coming Quantum Wars

By Dick Weisinger

The sum value of all cryptocurrencies amounts to a pretty penny — Bitcoin alone has a market cap in the range of one trillion dollars. An advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they operate without a middleman. There is no bank

Decentralized Social: Can Blockchain Realistically Take on FaceBook and Twitter?

By Dick Weisinger

FaceBook, Twitter, and Google are some of the biggest tech players that have built successful social media platforms. These platforms have in many ways improved our lives and made it easier for anyone to contribute and comment on just about